Saturday, June 14, 2014

Mother's Day .14

Tomorrow will be the third Sunday of June.
Means What?
Yeaaaa Father's Day is coming!
  Anyone of you are up to something for your father?
Well, I'm not going to celebrate but I did prepare something for my father.
I think it can cheer him up!

So, before Father's Day,
I will blog about Mother's Day first.
I went back to my hometown few days before the Day.
I'm so so glad that I actually arranged a very niceeee timetable!
Like I only need to attend 3 days of classes.

I asked my mom what she need so that me and my bro can buy a present for her.
I think she didn't want us to spend because she gave no hint to me. 
Okay like every Moms did.
Then I told her, Her children will prepare a breakfast for her on that day.
and she was okay for it.

I bought all ingredients before the day and we decided to made a western( Is it western?) breakfast for her!
Well, I can't cook. But my bro can! 
I mean I can actually cook those easy dishes.
Instant Noodles! Fried Eggs! White rice and anything which are easy as you can think.
Still learning okay? *

Me and my bro woke up quite early that day. 
Hmmm around 9 something!
My mom used to woke up late too :P

Then My bro was the Chef of the day.
He was in-charge in  those heavy things haha
I was just arranged them and made the toast,  poured out the yogurt drinks...
like what assistant usually does.
OMG Suddenly feel I contributed nothing! xD

Did they look good? 
Okay, put the appearance aside hahaha
It really tasted very well.
we had our very satisfying breakfast.

Then on that night, we had blow candle session for my bro and my mom.
My bro's birthday was just the next day after Mother's Day.

Still, No cake not celebration. for me.
If there is a celebration, there must be a cake!!
I don't care what kind of celebration is that! 
I actually booked a bouquet of carnation for my mom.
They delivered it around 8pm that night.
It was been a long time since the last time my mom received flower from us.
She seemed happy. I was happy as well. :)

The she put the flowers at the counter of  the shop!

but it think the flowers are dying now. :(

Mother's Day had passed but the love towards our mom never dies.
I love my mom!
I know you love your mom too! 

Treasure everything around you.

Lastly, Happy Father's Day to all Papas out there!!! *Waving hands*

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Didy Turned 20

Here's up a post all about my buddy's birthday!
*As promised* 
She turned 20, finally!
I'm glad that she came back to Kuala Lumpur before her birthday.
Gave us a chance to celebrate with her.

Friends were all not at KL so we just gathered some and made a simple celebration.
We went to Festival Mall to wait for her and her boyfriend was not telling her that he will be there.
We made surprise and she did surprise after she saw him.
*Surprise makes things greater*

We had our dinner at Bar BQ Plaza after that.

Shian wei- Didy- Me- Daya- Meg (back to front)

We went to have our after dinner desserts.
Didy was the tour of the day!
 After that we just walked to her hostel.
I was staying over so others were back just after desserts.

I felt hungry that night! 
So we had our very unhealthy supper around 1am something!

LOL I didn't think of taking picture of us brushing teeth.
But she suddenly ask, ''Want take picture or not?''
Then I went to take my phone and TADAA!!

Then we had our before bed photoshoot.

Then the next day, I went to her Taruc.
Because I'm curious of the students' life there.
Well, the uni is really BIG!
I'm never going to study at there, I hate walking! HAHA

After that, we went to Nottingham just because I want to bring lunch for my boyfriend.
He didn't eat his meals when he was having exam.
Thank you Didy for accompanied me to be a good girlfriend!
*Good? HAHA Sure!*

Then Didy sleepover at my place that day. 
And we went to sing K at Fahrenheit on the next day!
CEO Karaoke
It was Sunday but the charges were cheap enough!
Only RM36/pax including Tea Buffet and after student card discount.
Somemore the period was 7 hours! OMG
Quite worthy right?
And their environment is so nice and classy!

I'm still using my KDU student card!
No expriring date! I like KDU HAHA

When She was singing with her boyfriend,
I went down to the buffet area to seek for some cakes!
I customized a cake for her since day ago we didn't prepare a blowing candle session for her.

So we ended our weekend very eventful!
I hope she was happy as I'm staying by her side during her whole weekend! 

Happy Birthday Once Again! Didy Wong!
Love you!