Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Experienced Beach Party for the First Time!

My First time celebrating birthday by the sea!! Ah sock's wishes but this time wasn't for her..:/ Must plan a party for her also next time! hahaha

Planned this silently on that day. We bought balloons and Weiyi bought the white chocolate cake! Hehehehe chocolate again! =P
This plan seems to be perfect!! I blew the balloons and wrote the capitals on each of them. 
Jane practiced the birthday song by using her brother's guitar.
Well, she cut her nails which just done the manicure for few days to play the guitar!!

Everything went smoothly until we reached the Paradise beach! Some were late and we reached there at around 11pm. (Surprise given at 12a.m) .
When we were waiting for the birthday girl and her boyfriend, we were also waiting for the dudes who not yet reached.
OKAY! Now all reached but the birthday girl also suddenly appeared!!


Actually she was very happy because we celebrated with her!
Every years, her birthday was fall on exam week so no body celebrated with her.
Nah the pictures taken during the celebration. No more because Ken(her boyfriend) didn't upload for us. =.=

The birthday girl!!!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Twelve cups

谁叫我那么喜欢吃甜食呢 哈哈
Twelve cups 是一间售卖crepe cakes 的甜品店。

今天早上,我终于有机会和Sock nee去品尝了。

明确地点是:12, The WhiteAways Arcade, Beach Street, 10300 Georgetown.
Open hours : 8am-10pm (日-四), 8am-12am (五-六)
Facebook :The twelve cups

我们点的蛋糕分别是Tiramisu 和 Hokaido Chocolate!
蛋糕是MYR10.50 per slice. 

MYR 9.9.


附上照片。看看是不是你们喜欢的crepe cakes吧!

下次也想去尝试China House的蛋糕!

最好就是可是吃到我最爱的cheese cake!=D

Friday, March 22, 2013

Biggest surprise from my family.

I remember I ever talked about my dream laptop! 
Old laptop has aged around 10 years I suppose. Sot sot dei..
When the Asus S400CA finally is available, I'm so longing for it.
But my mom always not allowed me to buy. LOL
Well, she was right because my old laptop wasn't totally broken.

This year, the advance of S400CA is available.
That is 15.6 inch and get extra a 3x3 numbers keyboard!
It's too big so I still prefer the 14 inch.Hahaha

When I came back from KL, Sin ai meet me at airport and fetched me home.
Weekend so nobody at home except us.

When I reached the gate, I saw Sinai's phone's camera was opening. Feel weird so asked her why it was opened. The reply is accidentally pressed it. 
I'm not a cranky girl who know only a small things and imagine until can relate to the world. LOL

When I entered my room, I saw a 15.6 inch Asus on my little table!!
First sight only was shocked and think ''WOW!! Who bought this LAPTOP?!!'''
Until I saw my name on the screen after one second.
So surprise and I force myself not to cry because of shyness... hahaha

Okay, I'm really happy and I'm so happy to have my family!
Thanks brother who planned all of this, how sweet you are. :D
Thanks mom who finally allowed me to have a new laptop although it was only my birthday.. :')
Thanks papa who still remember and tried to make me felt warm that you are just beside me..=D

Well, I'm so used to the new stuff.
Learning how to use the windows 8.
Touch screen make me more convenient when sliding through the FB !! 
Most important is new laptop won't shut down accidentally!! YEYYYYYY

Lastly, I posted a video of my extreme reaction.
Thought thousands of times that should I post it out? Because I really look ugly inside the video! 
But but but...
I still posted, because I want to share my happiness to you all.
No matter is my funny face or funny reaction, as long as you laugh. :)

Signing out. :))

I'm officially 19 !! =D

Guess I'm the happiest girl in the world when my birthday reached!! 
I get what I want, every year. Envy me? hahahaha 
I guess everyone would received what they want when their birthday. So I'm just showing off because I just got my wants two weeks ago!! Still fresh in mind.

This year, I went to KL to meet my boy since last year he came back and gave me a surprise.
Before this, I dear myself to had my first time nail art at Nail Profile, Queensbay.
Cost me RM 60 but I'm so satisfied on it. Just the diamonds easy to drop because I'm too clumsy.. haha

Reached KL at around 7pm. Check in the hotel and we went to Dragon-I which located at the lobby of Hotel Boulevard.
When we were having the dinner, I realized that the plan he mapped out had failed because I reached too late and I chose Dragon-I instead of the western restaurant. 
Cute boy placed the cake at the western restaurant. =D 

Finished our ''romantic'' dinner, took the cake and return to the hotel. 
Although the plan failed but still felt damn touching because I know how rush was him to prepare all of these!!
A birthday song and an accompany are enough for me. :)

See what he prepared for me.
A pure rich chocolate cake!!
My favorite chocolate~~~ 

This year's lovely present from boyfie!
A platinum necklace.
Unique design as what he likes is always unique!
So I always said that I'm unique. =D


The next day, we went to Mid valley and we settled our lunch at Plan B.
My order was a big burger and his was a plate of spaghetti.
So delicious and the burger and the cheese taste lingers on the palate.

See the picture to know how they attracted me!! =D

Till now still don't know how to ix this with water because the taste before adding water is already just right.
My honey lemon! I poured all the honey inside and lead to over sweetness of my drinks... =.=
The spaghetti !! OMG craving for it again... my first time that I'm so in love with this cheesy spaghetti. 
My chicken burger! How big the portion is!

Bought this becuase of my lovest rilakkuma!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Birthday party Episode 1

It's Thursday, everyone had school today... probably is to take the result of new system for the form 6 students. Well, I'm so nervous about my friend's result since 18th because I misunderstood the real date of them. Today, I knew their results and surely I'm happy with their great effort!! Although some are not so satisfied but as long as they try their best right? =) 

Look like I'm so free but I really am. Just escaped my final exam of forth sem this 20th!! Is short semester so only 3 subjects but one supposedly will resit because when I look at the questions, I like never studied before and the premise is I STUDIED WHOLE TEXTBOOK but no one of them out. Screw the lecturer! =.=


Skip that, talk about some of my happy moments. This month is my birthday month as my birth date is on 8 of march!! Yay, women's day too!=D Any belated birthday wishes?? hahaha Thus, my friends gave me and Jane(9 of march) a birthday surprise few days before my birthday. Day time we spent at Escape Adventure, had dinner at James Foo and celebrated at Library, Straits Quay. It was really a big surprise because both of the birthday girl didn't sense anything before that.Only a normal outing just got more people attended like sem 1.  

Actually I'm not so willing to go Library because there is actually a place for those who drinks. Still went there since all of them were going. Impossible left myself at home hahaha

When we ordered our drinks, I were so concentrated listening to the lounge singer who is pretty and has a nice voice! Suddenly a cake brought in and the singer turned to sing a birthday song! So frank but stupid me still looking around to see who was celebrating the birthday!! OHMY Only realized when the cake was in front of me and I saw my name on a white chocolate!! Thank you to all my friends who gave me two memorable birthday surprise that are last year and this year !! 

Jiahui always warned me to mention her in my blog. okok now mentioned!! Thanks ah sock ah hui ah yi ah ying ah theng and the boys for all the surprise preparation... Really appreciate!! =) 

Look at our stupid surprised reaction!! 

Make a wish... =) Guess mine?

Blow out the candle!! booooohhh

the group photo but some were left earlier.

This year's present is a 3D watch that I want so badly!!
A card made by lovely sock nee!! So cute the rilakkuma and thanks because you did this till the midnight. =D

I'm really a happy little girl ! =)