Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Last Post

One more weeks to reach May.
I'm going to start my new life soon.
A new place, new people, new state of mind.
I think I should learn how to let go, to welcome this new month.
Just like how my bestie told me.

But nah, it doesn't easy to forget everything happened.
Even I believe I can do it but sometimes they just came on my mind.
People asked, how can you just forget all of the memories?
No, I didn't forget. I just refuse to recall back. :3

Sometimes we need to restart our life, leave the past behind.
It is impossible, but we have to.
You should too.
It is a way to motivate ourselves to move on.
Forget the bad. Forget how people didn't appreciate ourselves. 
Forget the people who will hurt our close friends.

If the things gonna happened again.
I'm not sure if I'll do the same thing.
It depends.
It really depends.
No, I'm not blaming anyone.
It is useless to blame. Always.
Forget all of these and move on to believe everyone is nice and kind.
And start all over again.
We can't move on by bringing the past together.
It will be so heavy, so tough.

Just a note.
Don't judge people, even you are so so so close to him/her.
When you started to judge, everything's gonna change.
If you are really so close to him/her.
You can advise, but don't judge.
Start with understanding.

Don't try to change anyone.
Again, you can advise.
To try or not to, depends on the person.
People ain't born to change for you.
If you feel the person's attitude towards you is seriously bad,
Just think, who he/she puts this attitude to.
All of you or only you? 

Don't hate your friends.
Frankly, how can you hate your friends? :/ HOW?
If you and he/she are friends, there should not exist any hateness.
If you thought it is reality to become friend with somebody you used to hate,
I don't know. Maybe it is true. Reality said.
But think, what if you give whole-hearted to a close friend (you think you are)
 but he/she is actually telling everyone about your bad?

Don't get influenced by someone to hate your friends.
I don't know how to explain this.
 Stop any back-words. Stop influencing people to hate who you hate.
Maybe you are just complaining.
But don't repeat it over and over again.
Some people is easy to get influenced.
I knew you hate him/her! I really knew! So Stop!
we are not making friends because of how people comments on them.
Friend with the people we think he/she is good.
Not how others think about them.

Sounds like I'm actually blaming.
Is okay, Just allow me to blame for the last time.

I actually will do anything for my friends.
A call and I'll be there.
Need help and I'll be there.
Face any difficulties on coursework and I'll be there.
I become really generous when it comes to friend.

I just need a thing in return.
True heart towards me and people around us.
If my thoughts are wrong, show me yours. Everyone need to learn.
We have to keep on learning.

Well, All I said are definitely depends on people.
Some of you can accept this principle of friends and some of you can't agree.
Just depends.
Some words of the above are not happened on me.
But happened on people around me.
Just clarify in case if you match me into those cases.

Almost all girls have their own dramas.
They may be different.
Just have a strong faith and everything will be fine.

Cheers, guys.
Gonna have my dinner.
I'm hungry. HAHAHA

Bye! See ya in my next post with a new me! ;)


Thursday, April 3, 2014


Hi readerss!

I'm here again to share the pictures of me when I went to Dannok last month.
I went twice.
With friends and with my family as mentioned in previous post!

If you haven't read the post,
here you go if you keen! 

So, firstly, thanks ah Tang for bringing all of us to Dannok!
The weather was good!
The lights all opened.
There was quite crowded.
We had to wait for our sequence to take pictures with the decorations sometimes.

We spent about an hour there with just taking pictures.
Ended up rushing to spend the RM10 voucher before going back.

FYI, The ticket is free of charge with minimum spending of RM10.

So here's the pictures!
But first...

okay no selfie for now! HAHAHA
*It is so trending now!*

Shocked me when I'm blogging!!

The lights over there was too bright.
Most of the pictures are too dark.
''Dark'' I mean yours truly-ME
So I chose some that look okay one to post!
Those dark photos really can't see me in the picture!
can only see the lights LOL

Okay I seriously love the artificial snow!
It made me wanna go travel when winter's come!

Spotted Me(with white shirt) and shan!

Disappeared in second!

We actually knew 瞬间移动 one !!
Google said it calls Teleport.
Not sure if you all got watch 来自星星的你 or not?

One of my favourite.
The dolphins are cute!

Ladies of the night!
The most right is Meg.

Any spongebob fans over there??? 

Before leaving we spent the voucher on this.
I didn't mix well so the taste was very strange.



The second day
It was raining.
We arrived there an hour earlier.
While waiting, start raining.
  Too unlucky.

Then we took pictures in the rain.
Sounds romantic huh?
NO, my bro's phone almost get wet.

the stalls not really started selling food.
the chairs were all wet.

And then we found some chairs and wipe the rain off.

Luckily the rain stopped after half an hour, more or less.

And then I started taking pictures!

#letmetakeaselfie works here! 

Poor huge duckling.
Only got to show its half face.


The voucher to redeem food and drinks.

With my mom.
Sitting Dut Dut Car LOLL

Before leaving,
we went to 7-11 to buy some snacks and the yogurts.
Craving of desserts again so I bought a cup of ice cream!

Anyone planning to visit there?? 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How's your March?

Happy April Fool everyone!!!

This day also represents March has ended.
That's my month.
But my March is not really that eventful.
Friends around me are not here for me.

I want to go to find them.
I want to meet them.
If only if I could.
I really hope when I start my degree, I can ''jio'' them to meet every weekend!

Here I will just sumz up my not-so-eventful March !
Hopefully it can cheers up your day if you are being fooled.

Beginning of March.
I was in KL that time.
Together with my boyfriend.
I was planning to celebrate my birthday in advance with him,
but he was not prepare anything. *crying*
Okay, at least I got a cake to eat!

We visited the newly open cafe, Tous Les Jours which is near to Pavilion.
I love how they renovated the building.
So classy!
Once I entered I was like ''WOW!!''
And then got attracted by the breads and cakes and some huge macarons!

That day was full house.
Luckily I spotted a seat for both of us while queue-ing for order.

I got to try their Red Velvet cake.
Superrrrrr yummy!
I love the cheese on top!
Their Caramel Macchiato is nice too!

I had been very disappointed.
He didn't prepare a cake for me.
So I ask If the Red velvet just now considered as my bday cake?
He answered yes. </3
Then I got balanced out and didn't felt gloomy anymore. LOL

So TADAAAA That's my bday cake!
My first try red velvet cake!

Before I left KL
We went to Pasta zanmai to have our lunch!

Eighth of March

My birthday.
Few days ago, I ordered a cake from my mom's friend.
I customized the cake.
She sent us the cake around 7pm on 7th.

I was so happy that night! 
I love the cake very much!
Thanks my mom!

Still my rule :- No cake Not Birthday

BTW, The cake baker supplies cake for Coffee Bug!
Go try her cakes there!

Very refreshing Lemon crepe cake!! 

OMG I'm craving for it again!

Night time of 8th, 
I went to Dannok together with Tang, Shan and Meg!
Been so excited as it was the first time I went to Thailand!!

Specially thanks to Meg teoh for bought me a tiramisu crepe cake from blackwood!
Love Ya and Love the cake too! 

Middle to the end of March

Cheng Beng season.
I went to Penang Kek Lok Si on the first round.
Relatives seem lesser compared to last year.
But we still prepared a lot of foods and my cousin made some jellies for us.

The second round was near to Pokok Sena.
We ran three places in a morning.
So exhausted!

31st of March

Yesterday, I went to Dannok again!
This time was together with my families!
So this time I took a lot of selfies there!
Too many pictures...
Pictures for both days will be share in next post!

Stay tuned, people!

This is how I passed my March!
How's your March?