Friday, August 31, 2012

Touch the mist.

A very golden chance for me to go for a trip during my sem-break. We were racking the brains on planning where to go to, and this spent my almost my half break. -.- <-- symbol used by Jia Hui, always. Finally we decided head to Genting since we didn't go there for years. Busy
Finally the day reached. We headed to Genting on 23rd night of August, and reached there on the next day's early morning. 
Glad to have this such good weather when we reached. :)

 The Geno. I have the collection of five of them! But now they were gone. \'o'/

 The view- First World Hotel.

 I want to get the balloon from clown. But he was just trying to ignore me... :( 
Haha, I think I have to accept the reality that I'm already grown up.

The game. It's waste, for me. >,<

Lol... I have phobia to walk on this drawbridge. or I'm not confident on it, so scary.

Racing car. Always want to play but we need to queue up for a long time to get our turn.
so, just give up. :(

A must snack for me when I'm at Genting. :)

 Big Dinosour at Dinosour Land. T-Rex.

Stop at here ! :) My brother is watching The Ring. Horror Movie.... :'(

Happy Hungry Ghost.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Lol I found some pictures in my album just now, when I'm searching for the photos of my Hus and I. *For creating some surprises for him, maybe?

Those pictures are about my secondary life, they helped me to complete and embellish my folioS. Haha. Are good helper. ;) By the way, they can make me happy when I'm in a unpleasant mood. *Don't know why. Some of them are drew by myself, and some are collected from my friends. Until now, I'm still keeping them inside my drawer. I really like the cute things, just like those cartoons. Cute right ?! And I'm good in drawing this kind of things. >o< *Bored.
Tadaa ! img81/6042/th016rw1.gif The collection.
Hmmm...I think maybe there are 30++ pieces.Hehe...

The biggest boxer, I can still remember I found it on Amway's leaflet.
I felt that it is cute so I drew it on this paper. >o<

Here's the cartoons that have my own kiddy signature.
Of cause now, the signature is not like this,haha. *Much nicer ! 
Some of them on these papers are drew by myself.
Is that call copyright ? =.=

Heee... This bear was drew by me when SPM.
Of cuz this is the graph that I used to make the calculationss.
Upside there still shows my angka giliran and the subject ongoing.
Lol this shows that I'm so free that time to draw the bear during SPM ! 
also shows that I finished those questions very very quickly.

Transliteration of my chinese name.
Haha. Given by myself since primary school ! ;)
Love this number so much ! 

This piggy doesn't related to my secondary life. :D
I drew it recently, one months ago, maybe? 
Cute tak ?? ^o^

 <--- click this !

He is a magician ! *With a sparkler that can change a people heart for loving someone. *
*same as cupid? Lol...

A pair of piggy couple. :)

Ahah! This is a mouse ! * look alike? :(
Innocent eyes ! Haha ! 
That's Jia Hui's hand.

A random post, since that I suddenly found the pictures for me to blog ! 

Is a peaceful night right now, is time for me to bed ! So sleepy ...*Blink.

Goodnight my friends!
and same to blog passers :)
Sweet dream.

Little more to become a better me

Fiona -- Better me.
#I can Smile a little more 
Sing a little more 
Feel a little more 全因为你 
说好了要为幸福 一天天地练习  
练习 Laugh a little more 
Love myself a little more 
为你我变成了 Better me  
有一天生命会老去 还好谢谢有你 
在你眼中 I see the better in me  
#Cuz I can Smile a little more 
Sing a little more 
Feel a little more 全因为你 
说好了要为幸福 一天天地练习 
练习 Laugh a little more 
Love myself a little more 
为你我变成了 Better me  
也许 我也美丽 值得一个奇迹  
我的眼泪会坠落 绝不是因为懦弱 
不然今天就不能 如此地有勇气 
Now I promise to you 
And I can swear to you 
为你我 一定加倍 爱护我自己 
做一个值得你 骄傲的 Better me   
♥ ♥一个值得你 爱的 Better me

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Do you ever feel

The day. 
Let the photos tell you the story . 

A hotel near to the Jetty ? hmm..I don't know the name.
Ohya ! The hotel is located at Jalan Penang. *If not wrong. :/

The Birthday Queen? Looks so kiddy ! Cute ~ :D
Waiting to be served since the restaurant is full during Lunch time.
Salsas. The restaurant.

YeeTheng, the left and the KID !
Wonder your bangs grow longer or not ? haha.
Having Pumpkin soup before the main meals.

Tadaa ! Pumpkin soup with the Pineapple juice. :) 
Taste good. But seriously I don't like pumpkin. :(

Sock Sock, the left. :) 
Taken by Yeetheng.

This is my order.
For me, I prefer Harvest Inn or James Foo >,<

Owh...I forgot what is this... @,@

Ordered by Yeetheng.

This is our desserts ! 
Banana cake and Ice-cream.

We found this on the way to car park ! 
Jalan Penang. :)

The wind is too strong.>< 
You see our fowing hair ?

Baskin Robbin's cake bought by JaneLau.
Melting Melting melting...
The birthday Queen was just trying to take out the candle!!
*Don't think that we will destroy the cake. 

To an old friend that I value, 
Be tough, be strong! :) 
Although I donno what had happen to you,
but I'm still glad to be your listener, if you want to ? :)
We are friends right?
Don't too emo ya!! 

Saturday, August 4, 2012

LaLa ♥

8月4号--Final 的最后一天,考的是最'讨人厌'的Moral。:D*大多数的人都这么认为!所以我们就在一个早晨把它KO了。只是不知道它会不会反败为胜...算了!考都考过了~想也没用!xD *这是很乐观的想法。

考完试了该做些什么呢?嘻嘻,当然是庆祝一番吖!这是'传统'!哈哈。可是考完试了就只有'Miss Tan'陪我吃东西...*泪。
其他人就好像从笼子里逃出来的小鸟,一下子就飞走了...=.= 我和 'Miss Tan' [我忘了当天她有没有绑头发],就去McD解决午餐,也是为了要拿这个星期的Pink Pink杯子!


之后我就搭巴士去1st Avenue找我表妹,Celine Lee啦~ 我是怪人。xD因为有车不用,偏要走了一段路去等巴士..4号是星期六吖!Weekend叻...最难找的就是Parking,而却价钱还双倍...=.=路上的车又多得是..很懒惰的我就选择搭巴士去啦!^_^ 就这样搭着'拉皮'去到目的地,为了看看徐佳莹一面呢! xD *我好伟大吖!

当天就是徐佳莹的签唱会,整场才唱那么三首歌... =( 不过瘾。只是Lala说我们这里的豆沙饼很好吃!^_^ 还说了几个马来字... 她说的次序是''Apa Khabar-->Lapar-->Nasi lemak-->Terima Kasih-->Sama-sama-->Pergi Tandas'' 台湾人会说马来话呢!她好可爱... >o<




这个是大大的我~ =.=

Lala 在现场唱的三首歌!=) 好听哦!我就特别喜欢'不难' ~ ^_^