Sunday, April 26, 2015


Hey ya bunnies! What's up?

I had been through a tough semester. Tougher than ever. You know, University life isn't easy and this life is getting busier and tougher. How I'm going to survive for one more year? A thing that worth to celebrate is I ended this semester three days ago. The last paper killed me. I prepared well but damn it, the questions were too tricky and even my friends, we can't master it. Let's see how my grade will be as they suppose to be release next week! Hah!

This gonna be my first post in 2015. Yeahhh! Hoping everyone have a great year ahead! [I'm not that late actually. haha] Quarter of the year is juicy though. So here I am to grid you with the moments of months. 



The first month in 2015. Countdown party as our culture. Nothing is better than crossing the year with a bunch of buddies! Don't you feel the same? We got almost the same buddies like last year, to make it consistent. Haha. Thanks for the camera man that provided the DSLR to capture the best moments! Not to mention that, posing while the timer started was so fun! Looking for next year New Year celebration again! 


Here comes the 1600 Pandas Malaysia Tour! Publika was the last station and the tour actually started from Penang and way down to Johor and up to Kuala Lumpur again. I'm lucky enough to catch a glimpse on those cute pandas! I love cute stuffs, and I bet you love them too! They were too cute like I was screaming every single seconds when I reached there. Then kept on taking pictures, kept on finding the best angles of those Pandas. Ohya, and we had matching outfit with the Pandas too! Heh! 


Opppss! The cuteness of Pandas was too hard to handle. So I was there again, with different people, but with same Pandas. It was the second-last day of tour, the Panda became lesser. They sold them for 150MYR each. I ever think of bringing one of them home, but I didn't. I can't take a good care of things. :( Hence we spent lesser time there, too crowded. Then we went to Acme Bar & Coffee (aka ABC), tried their Sizzling Brownies! It was so so good!!



Me and my housemates went to a short vacation before Chinese New Year. Sudden plan as usual! Grace was the one who provided shelter for us! They are the most awesome people that I ever met. They are like my sister, taught me what I didn't know, guide me when I'm missing, and told me what I shouldn't do. They are the one who I don't want to lose. This vacation is a memory of us, and I appreciate. Took a lot of random shot. The most memorable was the Red Bean shake. I'm craving for it now! Awwwwww

We woke up very early and went bed really late. Not sure was it sunburn or what but I fall sick once we back to Kuala Lumpur. Didn't know I'm so weak. >,< The trip was exhausted, yet it was memorable. I'm glad that we went for at least a vacation. 


The first day of Chinese New Year. We had a gathering for primary classmates on a day before. The venue was McD that near to my house. Okay, Alor Setarian like McD very much. Full house anytime. 

It was a little celebration for Lichyn too! Ten years or more of our friendship and it will never end! Thanks for those who came and more gathering to come ya! ;) 


First day of CNY, I have the white dress with some gold keys printing. I'm 21st this year. Hah! Met up with my big families is always the happiest moment. Didn't have a good outfit photo because my brother didn't feel like taking photos of me. F.I.N.E hahahahahahhaa 


The second day of CNY. Yeah finally my brother took a good shot for me! Yeah*clapping* We took all the old photos out and we talked about the past times. The feeling was great and so warm. Those photos are few decades ago when my mom was still a young girl! Whoaaa!  And my grandma was still a young mother. 

The floral skirt was actually belongs to my mom! Personally think that she got better choice on fashion than me. Hahaha! My brother looked like a Doraemon here. HAHAHA. You're so cute Bro.


Went to Taiping all the long way from Kedah just to attend my BFF 21st Birthday celebrate in advance. Distance isn't a matter when there is someone important out there. We both are now 21st Yayyyy! Nothing much to said on this because it is all about BFF LOVE BFF LOVE BFF LOVE BFF LOVE BFF LOVE BFF LOVE BFF LOVE BFF LOVE BFF LOVE BFF LOVE BFF LOVE BFF LOVE. hahaha Stick with me forever babe. ♥


Met up with my girls. Went to Blackwood again, a trendy cafe in town. Drank their Hot chocolate as usual, I like their chocolate drinks. The two women that I love. Not contact very often but I do appreciate you both. A quick met up lighten up my day! 



Thanks WeiHow who brought me to a cafe at C180 to celebrate my birthday! Too happy because I thought no one will celebrate with me on the day, Midterm was just around the corner. Got myself a crepe cake and made some wishes. Hahaha Birthday ended with a bunch of new friends that knew each other since January! Some people just meant to walk in your life and stay, and they are the one who stay.


Did a part time job with friends. Met a lot of new friends too! The three days job were torture! Working hard to reach the target but most of us didn't did well. Hah! Lunch and dinner breaks were only few minutes, ate fast to take turn with others. Not going to do a part time job for short period. It was a nightmare. Not to mention, experiences gained. Working with friends was fun too! Not a bad memory though! Heh!


A birthday outing too perhaps? Tried out the Magnum Ice cream. We chose the customize one, with three toppings. The ice cream was good but a bit too sweet for my cousin. Preferences vary for people because the ice cream was perfect for me! I like sweet things! 
Too lucky because I got to meet Jane Chuck, Nana and Daphne at Project Space. ♥Had a strong heartbeat when they stood by my side. Hah! Only regret was I didn't take a photo with Daphne, I like her very much. Maybe I need to patronage to Project Space one more time? 


The long awaited day came! The birthday month completed with the celebration with housemate! A big surprise for me as I didn't sense anything weird on that day! Venue was Dip N Dip. It was the first outing together with my housemates to the cafe. It brought a lot of memories and I found it was meaningful as the first outing place for us was the first birthday celebration place for me. It was a 21st Birthday celebration!!! 



Went to a cafe that got popular with their signature cotton candy with coffee. The cotton candy was so fluffy! I like the environment there. Peaceful. A great venue for gathering too! Their hot chocolate tasted so-so. Not my type. Weihow, Constance and Fuiman were my companion of the night! ♥


The awesome people I met in this semester! Weihow, Constance and Istella are the always-say-yes buddies! They are the one that I can't live without with! Friendship started to count! ♥

Settled the events throughout the four months in a lump-sum are hard! Took 2 days to complete the post so I hope you enjoyed it. :) 

Goodbye and greet you in next post.