Monday, August 19, 2013

Miam Miam --> Bens

Bello guys!

It's the third week of my semester break! That's the last week too! Anyway, this gonna be the most boring holiday because I didn't go any places, instead of working at Penang and now ved out on my bed. :\ I think I forgot about the first week of my holiday that I spent at Sunway Lagoon? Awwwie the boredom is killing me now! Some serious thingy is, next week is my last semester school reopen! Last Semester, sounds quite challenging but the past semester's result makes me more confident! Fight for my diploma!

Okay so before came back to my hometown, I had lunch with my lovely friend at Miam Miam, Paragon. Before that, I suggested Miam Miam and Mustache House for her and she chose Miam Miam. We are definitely a foodaholic! So I drove her together to Paragon.

They do serve warm or cold water when we were seated. So good huh!

We took quite a long time to decided what to eat because the choices are quite limited. Finally we ordered a Miam Miam spaghetti and Bacon Carbonara. The tastes were so so only as my carbonara was just too milky without the taste of cheese. :(

We shared a drink call mango smoothies mixed with banana.

After our lunch, we went to Bens that beside of Miam Miam to have a dessert.
We ordered a black chocolate cake with Vanilla ice-cream! OMG the cake was so NICE!!
I'll be definitely back to there!

The table topic.

Black chocolate cake with Vanilla Ice-cream.

P/s The parking lot at Gurney Paragon really sucks! =.=

Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Conjuring

Hey! Just guess what I'm going to share here.
Yupppp I watched a new movie that calls The Conjuring!
A horror, supernatural kind of movie that I always love to watch!
 But, I was so scared sometimes. :\ Don't you expect me to be brave like my cousin? Ohh She is insane!
She watched those kind of movie without a fear, won't scream or cover her eyes neither!
Candidly admit defeat.

Well, I wasn't inside the cinema when I was watching this.
I was inside my room instead.
Yes The Conjuring can now found through internet!
You can watch the movie online now!!!
I wonder if you all know about that?
One of my friend shared me the links but after that I found it content unavailable.
Maybe they removed it and I'm guessing the reasons. :3

So, my cousin sent me another link.
I watched it quite some times, about 3 times.
The last was just now, watched together with my brother!

People might think there is lack of the feeling of fear if watch inside our own room.
The screen of laptop isn't big enough.
No HD.
No popcorn No pepsi.
No friends.
No awesome sound effect.
Okay, I knew that but I prefer to save my money! Hahaha

So here is the link! A FB page that shared the whole movie that separated into 8 parts.

Click to the left to find the rest of the parts!

I was so shocked when I found that the director is a Malaysian, named James Wan.
He is such a gifted scholar!

If you are same with me who not really need to go to cinema or haven't watch the movie yet,

click into the link and leave it.
Grab some snacks and water.
Close the lights and sit properly.
Star at the screen and enjoy the movie!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Once Again ★

Dear my friends, I'm here to blog again the girl's birthday. Yup I did wrote a post about it too last year, so same for this year! For your information, the birthday girl was born on 1st of August, how ''zhun''. She is Jia Hui, a very pretty girl but always described herself as a wack. *She threaten me sometimes. :(
So this topic of post gonna be the annually post! I think we will celebrate with her every year? :\ The answer might be yes because she will remind us a month before her birthday like start with ''My birthday is at 1st August leh''. We know that and no point for us to forget. LOL

This year, we planned a surprise party for her, secretly. Haaaa if not secretly how a surprise did. The week before her birthday, we were all having exam, final exam, so we were no time to plan a celebration for her. She knew that so maybe she didn't expect so much too? Well, Jane and I actually made a draft about the surprise party during the week. 
The left is the birthday girl!
(You can skip this. HAHA)
The plan goes like this: We went to work on that day. I purposely woke up late since we always start to work on afternoon. (I can wake up late too if not purposely. :D) Then we went to work after lunch. When we finished our work, we told her Weiyi went back to Alor Setar because of something urgent ( I think this surprised her the most, stupid. hahahaha). We fetched her to Paragon to redeem the free cake (to delay the time because our friends not yet done the preparation.) and after that we went to Love Bite! We walked into the section which can accommodate around 11 people. There was dark because they closed the lights as she can see the balloons hung on the wall if the lights are on. Once she entered there, we shouted ''Surprised'' to her, but shit she entered only after 2 or 3 seconds! Can't she just walk a little bit faster~? :3 Okay so no matter how we did surprised her! Guess what, she cried. WAHAHAHAHA I'm so HAPPY!! xD 

Okay Pictures Time!!! 
The chocolate cheese cake! She hint us so many times that she want chocolate cheese as her birthday cake! =.=

The decoration! 
Gary drew this for her hahaha how cute!

I got to capture some foods. Highly recommend to you because their foods are way so special and delicious!
Their service is great too! Just a bit costly but once a time is okay what.
Just go to have a try!

My hot chocolate. They put two marshmallows for me instead of the fresh cream.  

See how they decorate the dish. 

My favorite spaghetti, I ordered this every times I went there!


Here will be all of my faces!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Say Hey to Sunway Lagoon!

Hi there. I was at Kuala Lumpur during 3rd and 4th of August. Some followers of my instagram shall knew about it since I update Insta more often than FB or twitter. Kay so as the title above, I went there just for Sunway Lagoon with my bunch of coursemate that we used to hang out together when I'm at Penang. 

We started our journey around 5.30am on 3rd and we got to reach there within five hours, like only four hours we spent. So fast huh? We headed to our hotel, that is Sunway Pyramid Hotel for check-in process. 

Here come a secret-7 people of us stay in a standard room! What a crowd.

Before we went to Sunway, I bought myself a swimsuit from Aeon, together with Jiahui and of course she got herself one too. We were so excited as I remember the last time I went Sunway Lagoon was when I was 12. We bought the admission tickets that cost 90MYR per person, excluded the Bungee Jump and G-Force X and etc.

The first thing when reached the water park is to find a locker to keep our bags of stuffs. So there is a locker service at the left after the entrance. Two types of locker provided. The cheaper locker cost 5MYR per use, that means we can only open for one time when we keep our stuffs. If midway we need to get some things out and want to close back, we need to pay another 5MYR. This is not that convenient so we preferred the locker that cost 15MYR per day, means we can open close for many times as we need. 

So after we kept our bags, we rent two swim rings(pelampung) but I not sure about the prices. Heheee. 

Too long for me to tell you all my story so I just upload some photos according to the sequence and you will know how my route was! :)

Sunway Pyramid Hotel.

The standard room.

Admission tickets of Sunway Lagoon!

A Group photo!!

Spot me at the forth lane!

Ready for the 5D movie. Free entrance.

This Vuvuzela is awesome!!! Please Please you must try this if you are at Sunway Lagoon!

Me and Weiyi!

Stop breathing at this moment! :D

We exit the water park at 6pm and we went back to hotel to shower and prepared for dinner!

My OOTN on 3rd.

These were our meals. There portion are too large, most of us cannot finish ourselves dishes!

That's all about my Sunway Lagoon trip! More photos on Jane's FB !

We were so exhausted but we did enjoy our holiday with the buddies! Love you all!