Monday, August 5, 2013

Say Hey to Sunway Lagoon!

Hi there. I was at Kuala Lumpur during 3rd and 4th of August. Some followers of my instagram shall knew about it since I update Insta more often than FB or twitter. Kay so as the title above, I went there just for Sunway Lagoon with my bunch of coursemate that we used to hang out together when I'm at Penang. 

We started our journey around 5.30am on 3rd and we got to reach there within five hours, like only four hours we spent. So fast huh? We headed to our hotel, that is Sunway Pyramid Hotel for check-in process. 

Here come a secret-7 people of us stay in a standard room! What a crowd.

Before we went to Sunway, I bought myself a swimsuit from Aeon, together with Jiahui and of course she got herself one too. We were so excited as I remember the last time I went Sunway Lagoon was when I was 12. We bought the admission tickets that cost 90MYR per person, excluded the Bungee Jump and G-Force X and etc.

The first thing when reached the water park is to find a locker to keep our bags of stuffs. So there is a locker service at the left after the entrance. Two types of locker provided. The cheaper locker cost 5MYR per use, that means we can only open for one time when we keep our stuffs. If midway we need to get some things out and want to close back, we need to pay another 5MYR. This is not that convenient so we preferred the locker that cost 15MYR per day, means we can open close for many times as we need. 

So after we kept our bags, we rent two swim rings(pelampung) but I not sure about the prices. Heheee. 

Too long for me to tell you all my story so I just upload some photos according to the sequence and you will know how my route was! :)

Sunway Pyramid Hotel.

The standard room.

Admission tickets of Sunway Lagoon!

A Group photo!!

Spot me at the forth lane!

Ready for the 5D movie. Free entrance.

This Vuvuzela is awesome!!! Please Please you must try this if you are at Sunway Lagoon!

Me and Weiyi!

Stop breathing at this moment! :D

We exit the water park at 6pm and we went back to hotel to shower and prepared for dinner!

My OOTN on 3rd.

These were our meals. There portion are too large, most of us cannot finish ourselves dishes!

That's all about my Sunway Lagoon trip! More photos on Jane's FB !

We were so exhausted but we did enjoy our holiday with the buddies! Love you all! 

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