Monday, July 22, 2013

Memory gonna full!!

I'm gonna face my exam very very sooooooon!!
So I'm here to have a short update about my coming activities hey
 Well, I'll sit for the first exam on the day after tomorrow...
That isn't hard I think, pretty easy because all included are calculation.

Then the next week will be the others 3 subjects.
Damn the subjects all need to memorize. 
God bless me!

Okay I actually already planned where to go after exam! Heeee
So after exam I want to have a ride to find the wall arts at Penang.
Some new arts had up long time ago!
I'm gonna find them ah

Next I'll go to Sunway Lagoon with my coursemates and also my besties!
Woohoo can't wait because I love to play water! *I don't swim. :\

We planned everything!
All I need is just do well in my exam!

Wish me luck kay?  
I'll work hard tho!

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