Sunday, July 7, 2013

Outing with ♥

Yeah I just had an outing with my boys today! ♥
Well, my hometown really doesn't has many nice places to go to. 
So we went to ASM as usual. Lol... So, what to do at ASM? 
Nuh actually nothing much, maybe something much too because I love shopping more so I don't think there has enough shopssss for me to shop? 
Haha poor Mr.Ooi always been forced to accompanied me to walk around the malls. Oh now I think of why he always wants to bring me to ASM huh! *Evil smile*

Actually we went to there was to catch a movie!
Guess which? Haha
Of course is the trend-est Despicable Me 2 mah!
I'm so so so in love with the Minions!
Personally think that the second is better than the first. Who is with me? :D
The minions' part is more than the first episode too!
But he said the climax too fast to end? 
We get our tickets on student price so only RM 18 total! 
The cinema was surprisingly full seated and I met my best friend there! Yeashhh~

Hey I just realized the cinema had change to MBO which same as Taiping one.

Had a toast at Georgetown White Coffee while waiting for the time! :D

Yay he looks better when he hold the phone himself! :3


Shahrizal said...

yup, those minions in Despicable me 2 are so cute and naughty in the same time haha

Cindy 依沁 said...

Yea I'm so into them! haha