Friday, January 25, 2013

Can't Accept the truths

Hello! How are you all recently? Did the month be good with you? For me, I don't think I have a good time with it. I don't know do you realize that I stopped to blog for a week and more? But I am so 'suffer' during this period because my laptop was gone!! According to myself understanding, I think the problem is the display system because I can't even saw the screen when the laptop is started. I just can see the rainbow colour all over my screen. *I just don't know how to describe!! Okay, when I got this and I tried to restart restart everyday but the condition didn't change so I'm like OH YESSS!! finally it is gone!! :D 

Fyi, my laptop is a very very old model of Acer that can't even install the microsoft 07..:\ It is just like a rubbish because my brother gave it to me when he wanted to buy a new laptop. I'm so kind after all. Basically, the laptop has many problems. For instance, the bluetooth's and the wifi's button, the fan, the outdated microsoft, the display(most recent), the battery, and the most important is it will shuts down suddenly!! :@
Okay, complaining all the way but I'm get used of it so still feel not so willing to change it...

So yay, I've did some research on laptop and I'm attracted by a model of Asus!! So happy because my mom allowed me to get one but something happened again...I'm writing blogpost now, with my this Old Acer. Yess, my laptop was recovered by itself since I left it for one week!! *WTH Feel happy or sad because this may ruin my Asus Dream. OMGGG...

Skip that, talk about my new semester! I've started my new sem on the beginning of the January and now it had passed the first 3 weeks and I'm going to face my Mid-Term!! OMG again! The time flies so fast...can you please walk? :\ This sem isn't as easy as I thought but I'm sure that I will study hard hahaha

P/s: A long-all-only-words post. I'm so down because I lost my ring which is same with my two friends.. :'( aww..

Not related picture =D

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Drenched ♥

The song that we all are addicted to.♥ 

When minutes become hours
When days become years
And I don't know where you are
Color seems so dull without you

Have we lost our minds?
What have we done?
But it all doesn't seem to matter anymore

When you kissed me on that street, I kissed you back
You held me in your arms, I held you in mine
You picked me up to lay me down
When I look into your eyes
I can hear you cry for a little bit more of you and I
I'm drenched in your love
I'm no longer able to hold it back

Is it too late to ask for love?
Is it wrong to feel right?
When the world is winding down
Thoughts of you linger around

Have we lost our minds?
What have we done?
But it all doesn't seem to matter anymore

When you kissed me on that street, I kissed you back
You held me in your arms, I held you in mine
You picked me up to lay me down
When I look into your eyes
I can hear you cry for a little bit more of you and I
I'm drenched in your love
I'm no longer able to hold it back

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Semester

During the class! Jiahui-Cindy-Jane
The new semester started and I'm now officially a second year diploma holder! After this I'll mostly head to degree and the major course still uncertain. Hopefully I can look my future clearer and decide where should I go to! *pray.

This is the short semester so we have no much time as many as last semester! Suppose to be a hectic life started from now!~ The first week is always the best time for us to hang out because second week onward we will be very busy! :( So we had planned the activities for the first week and the first day's were Neway and Tomyam. 

Let's the pictures do the talking now! :)

VIP room' toilet @ Neway. Girls' habit LOL =D

A warm photo with V sign! =D

Okay take a break. I like to capture the natural side of people. Oppss ;)

The VIP room and we were sitting at the middle-in front of the screen. 

Selca !

Lastly, group photo!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Hello !! Finally I'm here to blog about my new year's resolutions! Quite a hot topic for those famous one but I'm not famous at ALL !! So what, I still can blog about it too because I'm also a normal human! Woot~ How about your new year's resolutions? What I'm thinking is, we should have new resolutions every single year to let us work on them since it is a new beginning right?? Of course some people will still remain their new year as a same old story.. :\ I'm not sure about mine.. maybe 50-50 that shall bring the new's and old's together? :3

Last night, I had insomnia, with no reason one. :S So I thought about what I'm going to do in this year and finally got a conclusion. Well, fyi, I'm a person that is very very easy to satisfy, sometimes. :) HeeeHeee! Let's see!

#1 Beautiful long hair
This length is good and perfect! =)
Do you know how sad am I ? :( I leave my hair long since I graduated from high school, now should be roughly one year already or maybe more than that! During this period, of course I had went to salon to have some haircuts. But then I told them to trim, that's only cut a little bit but seem like they didn't understand so now I have a shoulder-length hair... I don't want to have any haircut in this year!!! *LOL Just kidding. The real one is I'll take care of my hair and perhaps it will grows long faster under my utmost care?

#2 Travel abroad.

I'm so so so wanting to travel to another country because it had been so long since the last time and I can't even remember when was it. Some more my mom is a superwoman and she can't leave for too long. That's why we always can't travel together.This is the resolution for me, every year but no one come true.. :( Hehehehe I think this year this hope can be fulfill because we are now planning for a travel ! Yea, with my family!!

#3 Job

I don't think I have much time to spent on JOB, but wonder why I still want to look for a job. Actually there are a lot of factors that I have to think over like will the time crash with my study, if I use my car how my housemate going to live, how if I'm homesick and how if I miss my Miss Tan hahahaha so everything is still an unknown! Just go with the flow! I really want to have a job lahh so that I have some income to buy the things I want! :3

#4 Graduate
Cute Ladybug!
This year is my last year of diploma at KDU! I'll graduate on December and I wish all these sems will go smoothly and popi popi I'll graduate together with my batch!! Pray hard. I know it is hard because all courses will have their certain degree of difficulties and for sure I'll work hard on it!! Gambateh to myself and my friends!!

#5 Weight
Weight is a secret!
WT stupid resolution but this really is my wish because I'm scared of being blow up by the wind! LOL Honestly, I'm too thin!! By the way, I ate more than others, I spent more on foods than others! What the hell am I going like wasting the wonderful foods.  I ever said to myself that I should be glad because I can eat without any worries compare with the people who always care about the calories! Yea I'm glad but please do let me feel that I ate something and I absorbed those nutrition! Hmm maybe I should eat more and more!Ohya, I'm worrying that what my mom said. She said my case, now I can eat without worries but once I reach a certain age, I will become very very very fat! Is that true? :S 

Actually I have some more but they are not so necessary. :3
Okay, these are mine and how about yours? :) 

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

1st Day of 2013

Today is not only the big day of the first day of 2013! Today, is a grand day *Actually not so grand.:D of something else! Guess what, it's my blog's 1st year's anniversary! *Clap! Btw, how's your countdown party going? I got nowhere to go to during the countdown night... But it was not so bad because my mom had some fireworks to brighten up the sky and so my night! :) I love fireworks and I suppose all of you do too, aren't you? To be honest, I'm scared to watch those pretty beautiful fireworks in a short distance. So when my mom set off the fireworks, I just hid inside the room and enjoyed the moments with the glass of window between. *WTH Timid me. :\
Skip this. Well, I don't think to celebrate the anniversary for my blog. *Kinda insane. But I have to say that, I really feel glad because I stick to update and keep my blog alive for a year. I don't feel that I could be so addicted to write the posts before, and told you all about my stories! Now it is upgraded until I'm too frequent and bare just like I'm writing diary! Haha. 

I started my blog on 1st January of 2012. Can't remember the reason of why...But it doesn't a matter! I will keep on updating my blog but don't expect too much from me because I'm afraid if I can't attain the expectations. :( Now it's a one year's old kiddo! Should be very cute right? :D Have an idea that's create a toy to symbolize it haha *Just an idea. New year is here! Saw a lot of blogposts about their New Year's resolutions !! An interesting topic so I think I'm going to blog about it soon, too. :D 

A random post to wish a very Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary to Jesuis Cindy! ♥ *Should think about a new, nicer name? Hmm

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