Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Semester

During the class! Jiahui-Cindy-Jane
The new semester started and I'm now officially a second year diploma holder! After this I'll mostly head to degree and the major course still uncertain. Hopefully I can look my future clearer and decide where should I go to! *pray.

This is the short semester so we have no much time as many as last semester! Suppose to be a hectic life started from now!~ The first week is always the best time for us to hang out because second week onward we will be very busy! :( So we had planned the activities for the first week and the first day's were Neway and Tomyam. 

Let's the pictures do the talking now! :)

VIP room' toilet @ Neway. Girls' habit LOL =D

A warm photo with V sign! =D

Okay take a break. I like to capture the natural side of people. Oppss ;)

The VIP room and we were sitting at the middle-in front of the screen. 

Selca !

Lastly, group photo!

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