Tuesday, January 1, 2013

1st Day of 2013

Today is not only the big day of the first day of 2013! Today, is a grand day *Actually not so grand.:D of something else! Guess what, it's my blog's 1st year's anniversary! *Clap! Btw, how's your countdown party going? I got nowhere to go to during the countdown night... But it was not so bad because my mom had some fireworks to brighten up the sky and so my night! :) I love fireworks and I suppose all of you do too, aren't you? To be honest, I'm scared to watch those pretty beautiful fireworks in a short distance. So when my mom set off the fireworks, I just hid inside the room and enjoyed the moments with the glass of window between. *WTH Timid me. :\
Skip this. Well, I don't think to celebrate the anniversary for my blog. *Kinda insane. But I have to say that, I really feel glad because I stick to update and keep my blog alive for a year. I don't feel that I could be so addicted to write the posts before, and told you all about my stories! Now it is upgraded until I'm too frequent and bare just like I'm writing diary! Haha. 

I started my blog on 1st January of 2012. Can't remember the reason of why...But it doesn't a matter! I will keep on updating my blog but don't expect too much from me because I'm afraid if I can't attain the expectations. :( Now it's a one year's old kiddo! Should be very cute right? :D Have an idea that's create a toy to symbolize it haha *Just an idea. New year is here! Saw a lot of blogposts about their New Year's resolutions !! An interesting topic so I think I'm going to blog about it soon, too. :D 

A random post to wish a very Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary to Jesuis Cindy! ♥ *Should think about a new, nicer name? Hmm

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