Friday, November 30, 2012


--3 Ms--
I'm in a mess right now!! Omg, why I say so is because I'll have my final exam on next week. 1,2,3...Only 5 days left. Lol for sure I still not yet started any revision except Business Math that I'm having a little bit confidence. *wink. Actually I'd planned to study today! But then I think most of you know what had happened today right? Yea..That's MAMA awards that held @ HK. So the plan called off. Heee~

Actually, I'm not a fan of K-Pop like JiaHui, but still I like their songs and I'm their songs' fan. So I watched this online@ youtube live. Switch to HD to have a clearer version.xD  I have to say that I'm not interested at the front of the show but then I act like very excited when I told JH about this until I'm really excited that I'm watching MAMA !! =.=" After that, I have to help out in my mom's shop so I missed the middle part. Want to watch Girls Generation's performance but I'm lazy to search. *Laziness.  Anyway, SNSD can be considered as my favorite K-group because I get influenced by brother. 

Well, I know a lot of them too. G-Dragon, BigBang, Girls Generation, T-ara, EXO, F(x), and Super Junior!!! LeeTeok, the captain but so bad he was not there!! =( Sexy, Free & Single I'm ready too Bingo! Mad.

Awww I had watched the two newest movies in November. They are Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part II and Rise of the Guardians. *I'm not sure that are they the newest in November.


I like both of them because of their happy endings. But then my lecturer said Twilight isn't nice because they are fake, with a pale face and how a vampire can born a BABY!! :OOO  Okay, but I still love the story line especially the foresee of Alice. Definitely a trick! That part make me tension you know...=.= All the Cullens family died. And when I know that that was only a foresee, I'm just like...Chewwwwww.. :\ The end, Jacob falling in love with Renesmee!! What a shock...

And then the latter make me longing for the Christmas. >,< The Santa Claus, the Elf, the Jack Frost, the tooth fairy, the Bunny and Sandy!!

The Sandy. He can't talk and so he is very cute!! What is in his mind he will just pop out on his head. Maybe a question-mark or maybe an arrow. =D
Lol these elfs look cute right? =D Ring Ring Ring when they were running or shaking by others! *You will know what I mean if you watched this. ^^Hmm..

Oppsss, faster end the topic as now already 0106. Can't go to bed too late or else my skin's condition will get worst. =) 
Good night!! Those guardians will give you a sweet dream! :) Do you believe them?? 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sunset Shine

We met after two months, how long is it as we promised to meet a time per month. Faced a lot of problems since both of us were busy with our coursework, should I call these as obstacles? LOL...
So now finally we met, had his dinner as he arrived here at 8 or 9 something. The venue is Chilis@Gurney. The favorite of us but the foods are a bit costly. Some how I feel that it is worth as long as the foods are tasty enough. :) 
This Oreo milkshake is in my must-order list whenever I go to. The best Oreo Milkshake I ever had.

So we ended our first day with FOOD and the next day started with FOOD! Nando's @ Queensbay, the second time of mine. Lol so crowded when we reached there, or maybe that time was lunch time. But can't deny, their western foods really taste good!! Supppaaa nice. So no wonder how crowded was. :D We only ordered a cup of Ice Lemon Tea since they have provide refill service. Remember to order only one to save money if you don't mind to share with others. Heeee :D Lol mama mouth. 

Nah this is the Peri-Peri Mild chicken. So how to say? The rice is very tasty and I can finished them without any wedges or chicken or fries, only rice! Thumbs up!

This is ordered by him because he likes the garlic bread so much! Of course, they are good in taste. You guys can have a try on this.

The day after this, we went to Batu Feringgi, the beach. Always went there every time when he came back. But I don't really like the sea because I feel that the sea is dirty because the colour is brown... >,< Btw, we had bought two bubble sticks from Daiso and we played one of them at the beach and another one we planned to keep at home and use it next time. :)

The shadow of us. 

A coconut to relieve the summer heat, but it taste...tasteless! :(

Keep playing the bubble and I think others must think that I'm very childish. haha So why to bother if I'm doing the things I like? :)

He was chasing the bubbles, running here running there running MAN. :P

Lol...Smile like a kid. Looks so happy because I can play the bubble stick? Hmm..haha :D

So proud of myself because I can captured this bubble with such short distance! =P

The sunset by the sea and me! 

Buhbye! Stick a stamp for y'all! =)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Side, The Shoots

Well, this was an unexpected photo-shoot day as we were going to Starbucks@Straits Quay to complete our assignment. Why I feel so free to photo-shoot is I'm completed my part!! The weather on that day was pretty good. The sky was blue and the sea was sparkling!!*Likes diamonds were floating on the sea. What a nice scenery. Soooo, the photo-shooting section began.

Captured by SockSock. We took the hat from Weiyi's car and it became the stuff in our photo-shooting.

Lalalala. ;)

Christmas decoration @ Straits Quay. One month to go!! Lesser I think. =) 

Lol Weiyi keep complaining about us because both of us act like Lesbian. Hahahaa :D 

 I like this because we look natural. 

Random selca with the hat. --Dreamlike effect--

Iono why the effect will sharpen this picture.. :\

Lower the curtain.

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Years

Saw a lot of people sharing the photos of Nuffnang Events recently. The one of them is What's In My Bag and now is Back In Time. The two JaneS, Ashley, Shelyn... Can I know where you all get the themes? So, do I going to share too??hmm...No. haha But this really make me want to share to you all about the previous me. :) 

Because of the school's rules, if we want to have fringe, we must keep it up of our eyebrows. Girls I meant. Then I don't know why, maybe is the trend of fashion, all the girls have fringe on their forehead, some more is thick thick one. Heee.. *So that time I were in the trouble of having too much acne. I keep that kind of fringe too for 5 years! My whole secondary's life, because I felt it very cute!! :D And like this I do not need to go to saloon just only to cut it. I can do it myself since it is really a mickey mouse job. :)

Nahh !!! hahax :D

Well, I ended my high-school life with this appearance. Now, I keep the fringe grows longer and comb it to my left hand side. Will getting back the good condition of my forehead I think. :P Now the fringe is already somewhere my chin there. (y) 

My left hand side's medium length fringe. I like it so much so I don't want to change it until the time when I feel that it is annoying me. :3

Feel like to share a song for you. :) Enjoy. 


Thursday, November 15, 2012

The prettiest woman

A random post for today, still is the same reason- too boring :3 Hehex. Today is the third Thursday for November!! Few weeks to go to reach my mummy's birthday!! So, everything is prepared since both of her children will be there. Hahax. :P Children are always everything for a mummy right? Well, the dinner venue had chose but still missing something... Ohya! We still have not prepare the present for mummy. :( Are we going to crack our heads about this?? >,< What present would you recommend?

Cosmetic? She had enough of them.
Skin care products? I just bought a set of SK II for her on that Mother's Day.
Flower? Ohmy, she already warned us not to buy this because she felt it very...very...unnecessary. Haha.
Cake? Lol, this idea is not accepted by brother.. I don't know why:( I love to eat cake...and I want to.

Hehex. Going to think about this later later and later.
Is time to sleep!! So, Good Night all!! :)) Sleep tight, and don't get the bed bugs bite. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Pooh and Piglet

I really had a good time with buddies today!! Idk how to express my feeling and what i can say is, I am very berry excited to have a gathering (*I supposed.) with you all since we meet no time for a long period. :) Maybe I should thanks to the Deepavali festival that can let you and I to have a free time. :3 

The places we went on today is Fresh and ASMall. Why we chose Fresh?? Errr...Is to pig out!!*Actually is suggested by Li Ming hahax. The food is okie okie only...own taste,maybe? Different people have different taste right? hehex. But then I extremely like their drinks!! Thumbs Up. After lunch, we headed to ASMall to singK @ E-box. Quite not used to their remote control because the BOXs at Penang are all using touch screen. Felt weird when we touched the screen and it totally can't moves and we can just keep on pressing the numbers 1-7. Grrr... Then then then, the only boy, Shian Wei got 4 flats in his exam!! What are you made from?? What are the kind you are?? You are not a normal human...Oppss... :( So, gonna study hard to cure myself feeling of guilts... 

I didn't have a picture with the two SW, except Li Ming. Hehex. Steal these photos from LiMing's FB.
Photo: #SingK #dearest #bestfriend #sampatpo #nice #happyday #mynoobface
A bit blur because it is too dark inside the room. Sorry that I'm lazy to increase the brightness and so the contrast haha.

Photo: #Smile #yogurt #bestfriend #happy #holiday #instaphoto #instamood #instaday 
Both of us had ownself a cup of yogurt. Favourite!!

So I think we only spent our time on these, that's all. Going back and I thought I will have dinner with my family but ends up with staying alone at home. :( Ohya, do you curious about the title 'Pooh and Piglet'? Hehex. This is because this post is about friendship, Pooh and Piglet are best friends and their friendship are last long. So I sincerely hope ours too. :) Don't get goosebumps hahax.

A Final Pic. :)