Thursday, November 15, 2012

The prettiest woman

A random post for today, still is the same reason- too boring :3 Hehex. Today is the third Thursday for November!! Few weeks to go to reach my mummy's birthday!! So, everything is prepared since both of her children will be there. Hahax. :P Children are always everything for a mummy right? Well, the dinner venue had chose but still missing something... Ohya! We still have not prepare the present for mummy. :( Are we going to crack our heads about this?? >,< What present would you recommend?

Cosmetic? She had enough of them.
Skin care products? I just bought a set of SK II for her on that Mother's Day.
Flower? Ohmy, she already warned us not to buy this because she felt it very...very...unnecessary. Haha.
Cake? Lol, this idea is not accepted by brother.. I don't know why:( I love to eat cake...and I want to.

Hehex. Going to think about this later later and later.
Is time to sleep!! So, Good Night all!! :)) Sleep tight, and don't get the bed bugs bite. 

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