Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sunset Shine

We met after two months, how long is it as we promised to meet a time per month. Faced a lot of problems since both of us were busy with our coursework, should I call these as obstacles? LOL...
So now finally we met, had his dinner as he arrived here at 8 or 9 something. The venue is Chilis@Gurney. The favorite of us but the foods are a bit costly. Some how I feel that it is worth as long as the foods are tasty enough. :) 
This Oreo milkshake is in my must-order list whenever I go to. The best Oreo Milkshake I ever had.

So we ended our first day with FOOD and the next day started with FOOD! Nando's @ Queensbay, the second time of mine. Lol so crowded when we reached there, or maybe that time was lunch time. But can't deny, their western foods really taste good!! Supppaaa nice. So no wonder how crowded was. :D We only ordered a cup of Ice Lemon Tea since they have provide refill service. Remember to order only one to save money if you don't mind to share with others. Heeee :D Lol mama mouth. 

Nah this is the Peri-Peri Mild chicken. So how to say? The rice is very tasty and I can finished them without any wedges or chicken or fries, only rice! Thumbs up!

This is ordered by him because he likes the garlic bread so much! Of course, they are good in taste. You guys can have a try on this.

The day after this, we went to Batu Feringgi, the beach. Always went there every time when he came back. But I don't really like the sea because I feel that the sea is dirty because the colour is brown... >,< Btw, we had bought two bubble sticks from Daiso and we played one of them at the beach and another one we planned to keep at home and use it next time. :)

The shadow of us. 

A coconut to relieve the summer heat, but it taste...tasteless! :(

Keep playing the bubble and I think others must think that I'm very childish. haha So why to bother if I'm doing the things I like? :)

He was chasing the bubbles, running here running there running MAN. :P

Lol...Smile like a kid. Looks so happy because I can play the bubble stick? Hmm..haha :D

So proud of myself because I can captured this bubble with such short distance! =P

The sunset by the sea and me! 

Buhbye! Stick a stamp for y'all! =)


AnnTan said...

awwh! you two look cute together! do stay close!

Cindy 依沁 said...

Thanks, Ann!=)

Lii Miing said...

juz he will accompany u to do those sampat things..haha~~

Cindy 依沁 said...

Yiii but still is a sweet memory for us xD