Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ohbella Cafe

Time flies. I still can't believe that we are now reach the third quarter of the year, I'm having my last semester, I'm going to graduate in two months and more times, I'm heading to degree but I still like having my first semester. :\ Just blab with my friend today and we both strongly sense that we didn't did any meaningful or even significant. What a decadent life we passed, it was like we grow up unwittingly, we have no psychologically prepared. I'm both with mentally and psychologically. 

Oppppss I need to grow up!

I still love to  write a long opening before I relate my post to the topic! So here I'm going to share a cafe that located at Alor Setar, Kedah. OhBella Cafe.

I forgot when we went there again. *damn you memory!* 

Ohbella Cafe. Close on Tuesday. Working hours 1pm to 10pm.

This is a cafe that located at Jalan Putra. At the same row, there has a KFC and Pizza Hut. Ohbella Cafe is at the upstairs of Guardian! There are a lot of drawing along the staircase. So unique! I don't think I'm the last one who know Ohbella Cafe because I didn't see any news of it until I saw a friend posted the pictures. So I went to try their foods but their menu is so simple and ''out of expectation''. Well, I expect them to sell spaghetti so I can eat Carbonaraaaaa! :D 


Some little notes.

So I write my name on a piece too!
The boss served us very well. Recommended us the sandwiches as well as the drinks. They sell coffee and tea. We ordered our foods and drinks, we have to pay on the spot after make the orders. 

The environment is very comfy and quiet. I can fall asleep there! As Alor Setar can hardly found a place to gather, so hopefully Ohbella can be the new place for the residents to hang out. Let's see their decoration!

Our foods done. My mocha and Liming's ??? tea. I didn't know what's the name. I don't drink tea. :3
I don't like their mocha because the taste was a little bit too light. The crabsticks sandwiches tastes not bad! I like it. I'm so glad that the sandwiches can satisfied my empty stomach!

Cranstick sandwiches.
Have you went there before? If not, just pay a visit and try their sandwiches. You will definitely love the environment! Till then. Attached a selca of us. 

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