Saturday, February 23, 2013


                                               ⊂   ノ    ・゜+.
                                                しーJ   °。+ *´¨)
                                                       .· ´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
                                                            (¸.·´ (¸.·’* *

As usual, we were worrying about where to have our lunch on this Thursday. This is a problem for us everyday no matter we have class or not. *damn it food!  So we decided to go to this restaurant for lunch! Recommended by a lot of people, and now by me! Their food really taste good! *Thumbs up!  

The Food Shop is actually geometrically located at Jalan Macalister which  near to Komtar! There is hard to find a parking lot so don't drive is the best or else you need to move around tat area and when there is traffic jam, all mood spoil! hahaha. 
On that day, we sat Rapid bus to the destination but ended with pressed the stop button too early and need to walk a long road to reach there. hehe. Silly us. Luckily the weather wasn't hot so still felt relaxed to walk. The shop isn't big but the decoration is pretty and the place is clean so is a good choice for those who like to take pictures. *me?LOL Their foods didn't costly so is very worth to spent on it!

The first reached. 
Captured by Sock Sock! The hot soya as drink.
Playing with the Ipad mini. Damn clear the outcomes.
Cheesy pork rice ordered by me.Taste good! The sauce too!
Ordered by Jane. 伤心麻辣面. She ''cried'' after ate this bowl of noodles. Haha very spicy!!! Veritable.
Ordered by Sock Sock. Is 柴鱼。
Weiyi's one. Forgot what it is actually. hehehehe
Have a lastly group photo before we leave.
Went to Komtar to take Rapid back to school. Peak hour so we were late to class for roughly 15 minutes.
Like very common for us to be late! hahahahaha Selca always for us!


当天晚上呢,我和我哥还有我爸爸就去了Alor Setar的Pizza Hut享用晚餐!
又是我的提议!。◕ ‿ ◕。

对他们的salad和mushroom soup不是很满意。Salad的水果有点酸酸的味道,mushroom soup有一点清,味道有点淡。



吃完了就去Pekan Cina买晚上要拜天公的糕点和水果!那是已经很夜了,很庆幸还可以买足需要的东西!第一次帮妈妈准备得这么妥当!贴纸也是我粘上去的。

P/s : 今年初九的糕点,我全部都没吃到...有点失望!哈哈 现在突然好想吃红龟糕!image

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Vday !!

Happy Valentine's Day for all the pairs of couples! Also, Happy Day for all singles. :) 

I think all couples even singles too might had a lot of activities to celebrate the Day. I'm so jealous on how they enjoy themselves. Really! :D
I had celebrate my Valentine's Day ans also 2nd Anniversary of us few weeks ago when my boy came back from Kuala Lumpur. Super early! 
I gave him my hand-made love shape pillow.
He gave me a dress as Valentine's gift.
We ate our Valentine's cake.
We hang out together.
We gave promises to each other.

 A 214 was carved on the love shape orange peel, made by him. <3

We did them before 14/2 and now was 14/2.We got nothing to do except kept him by my side.
Although it is said that everyday of us was just like Valentine's, but when it come to the real day, I still wish to have a surprise and a romantic dinner with my love!:))))  Ohh how greedy!

Actually today I'd plan to have a western dinner with him but due to the business, I can't made it.
So down again. :(
Only accompanied by him whole night.
Maybe I should felt satisfy!!!

This year really not same with the previous year! 
For previous year, I received a bouquet of roses from him! Really sweet!
But now I said NO to him for sending me flowers..Because too much hahaha
But then which girls didn't like roses? 

A song to share! Enjoy =)

My boy, I'm really thankful and appreciate what you have did for me.
Your concern, your patient, your love, your care...
I'm not the best ,
Thanks for always by my side when I need you!

On this Valentine's Day, all I have is love for you. :) 
Deep deep love.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nian Chu Er (年初二)

Failed to blow my hair... actually I want to blow it to 梨花烫 eh .. failed failed hahahaha

 The second day of CNY for today! So, according to the customs, my family had to went back to my grandparent's house(mother's side) on the second day of CNY!
So owing to the late sleep on the yesterday night, my whole family overslept! heee
We reached there at roughly noon.
After helped my grandma to prepare for the lunch, we straightly had our delicious scrumptious brunch like ghoul.  

 We didn't have more fun at there because we already got the angpaos from grandparents at New Year's Eve...
So for Nian Chu Er, no angpaos received from relatives as my aunt and uncle didn't come back for this year.
So sienz when no angpaos on Chu Er..>o<
Well, we went back after stayed there for 3 hours like that...So fast and rush and I only can chat viv my cousins for so little time... ><

The love shape's earrings !!
Yours Truly. :)

Gathered and counted all my angpaos!! Start saving money for new ASUS!! yeah!

Monday, February 11, 2013

First day of CNY 2013!

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!
Selamat Tahun Baru Cina!!!!

Today was already the thrid day of CNY, that's chu san(初三)...!! So fast the time flies...
How are your CNY? Is it great? 
So now I will blog about my chu yi, first day of CNY!! Well, I saw many bloggers blog about their CNY post so I think I'm not only the one who are feeling bored during CNY! hehe

Let's start to watch the fireworks at 12.00 am on 10/02/2013. let off by my mum!
Shooting from a long distance because I felt scared when standing under the fireworks! :\ 
Hmmm... the outcomes still not so bad but after I set it to X-large, they became blurrrrr, so..enjoy!:)

Donno what is this hahahaha

Lastly! The prettiest that I captured! Yay?
On the early in the morning of Chu Yi,(actually not so early because we wake up at around 10 am) I went to my grandparents house(father's side) which strategically located at Sungai Petani! As usual, took angpaos as we reached there! 
And when I greet my aunt, she can't recognized me and asked who am I... hahaha she said I changed a lot! 
Got meh... :3

The outfit of the day! Feel like myself like christmas tree.. not used to wear so many accessories..hahaha
Accessories are from Taobao.
OOTD. Feeling weird when the black rose stoking match with the white lace heels... omo...
A pair of very unique earrings! *kiss*

Bracelet with four champs! Wonder how to deal with the over long one. so I just guling guling and dot!
 Nah like this hahahaha

Random selca before depart!
We spent the time at there with only eat gamble eat gamble. nothing much!
When no gambling, we eat. When we are full, we gamble again hahaha
This year, we have steamboat with two flavour of soup...Not same with previous year because we always had buffet before.

This year didn't have some luck because I lose Quite a lot during gambling... T_T
Don;t Gambling is the best hahahaha
but it is okay if we are happy right haha

Captured by brother!

Doggy Doggy be good with snake ya ;)