Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nian Chu Er (年初二)

Failed to blow my hair... actually I want to blow it to 梨花烫 eh .. failed failed hahahaha

 The second day of CNY for today! So, according to the customs, my family had to went back to my grandparent's house(mother's side) on the second day of CNY!
So owing to the late sleep on the yesterday night, my whole family overslept! heee
We reached there at roughly noon.
After helped my grandma to prepare for the lunch, we straightly had our delicious scrumptious brunch like ghoul.  

 We didn't have more fun at there because we already got the angpaos from grandparents at New Year's Eve...
So for Nian Chu Er, no angpaos received from relatives as my aunt and uncle didn't come back for this year.
So sienz when no angpaos on Chu Er..>o<
Well, we went back after stayed there for 3 hours like that...So fast and rush and I only can chat viv my cousins for so little time... ><

The love shape's earrings !!
Yours Truly. :)

Gathered and counted all my angpaos!! Start saving money for new ASUS!! yeah!

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