Thursday, February 14, 2013

Vday !!

Happy Valentine's Day for all the pairs of couples! Also, Happy Day for all singles. :) 

I think all couples even singles too might had a lot of activities to celebrate the Day. I'm so jealous on how they enjoy themselves. Really! :D
I had celebrate my Valentine's Day ans also 2nd Anniversary of us few weeks ago when my boy came back from Kuala Lumpur. Super early! 
I gave him my hand-made love shape pillow.
He gave me a dress as Valentine's gift.
We ate our Valentine's cake.
We hang out together.
We gave promises to each other.

 A 214 was carved on the love shape orange peel, made by him. <3

We did them before 14/2 and now was 14/2.We got nothing to do except kept him by my side.
Although it is said that everyday of us was just like Valentine's, but when it come to the real day, I still wish to have a surprise and a romantic dinner with my love!:))))  Ohh how greedy!

Actually today I'd plan to have a western dinner with him but due to the business, I can't made it.
So down again. :(
Only accompanied by him whole night.
Maybe I should felt satisfy!!!

This year really not same with the previous year! 
For previous year, I received a bouquet of roses from him! Really sweet!
But now I said NO to him for sending me flowers..Because too much hahaha
But then which girls didn't like roses? 

A song to share! Enjoy =)

My boy, I'm really thankful and appreciate what you have did for me.
Your concern, your patient, your love, your care...
I'm not the best ,
Thanks for always by my side when I need you!

On this Valentine's Day, all I have is love for you. :) 
Deep deep love.

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