Sunday, October 28, 2012

Let's watch Sinister

Okay, today I'm actually not in the mood to blog but I'm so so so so so boring staying in the house!! *Sing a song,Cindy in da house. :) All my housemates left me alone.. feel a little bit scary because I just watched Sinister @ Gurney Plaza last night. Prefer Golden Screen Cinema because the sofa is more comfortable than TGV. *Personal opinion okay? Well, Sinister is a SUPERNATURAL HORROR movie. Wondering why the director or the writer can make such horror story! :\ So can I say I'm brave because I'm volunteered to watch the movie and forced my friends to watch too? *Clap. To be honest, I'm interested in watching horror movies, reading horror stories and some more searching for the pictures about that MOMO. *momo is ghost meant. But after I watched, heard and read as well, I do feel scare but what to do...I...I like it. :) Fortunately I didn't have any nightmare or insomnia during the night. *Fingers cross. 
Get the trailer. :) 

How about the trailer? Sounds scary, right? Lol...this is a fact!! >,< One of my friends told me Sinister isn't scarier than The Possession. But then I think I had been bluff because I closed my eyes with my jacket when the background music getting more bass. Look cute perhaps? :D Really really scary and terrible!! So can recommend to people who like to watch those horror movies!! Included you? :) 

So I'm not going to blog more about the plots of the movie since I'm not a good story-teller. :( Haha I'm good in self-knowledge. :P So if you watched the trailer and found interesting and attracting, buy the ticket and go watch NOW.  But for those who not dare to watch this kind of movie, please do not force yourself to go in. Because it is very berry scary. haha :D *You could see that I'm trying to frighten you. :P 

In the movie, the momos keep shhhh-ing. It already become the black shadow of my mind. So when u saw me, please don't shhhh me. If you want me to keep quiet, just tell me okay?? TQ... :3 

Well, this scene really scared me... T_T If not wrong, this appeared only at the front of the entire movie. :\

Okay, faster end my update! Getting scarier if I keep writing. Lol...Buhbye my followers. :) Stay tuned for my next post ya! 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Step on Ipoh.

A great Ipoh trip and it is so memorable! :) Btw, I'm already forgotten when we start to plan about this trip and why we planned to go. Because of Lost World, I think? *Lol... Well, the reason is not important since this is not the main point that I want to blog about. Haha...

Okay, start the journey right now!! The first day, we headed to Ipoh after our morning class. A bit tired so I slept accidentally  on the way to Ipoh. *You said I'm like a pig...:'(  We reached there in a blinked of eyes. Haha. Yea..because I'm sleeping!! >,< We were so lucky because we only spent a short time to find our rented apartment by using GPS. The apartment is at the town area so we can reached the shopping center around 20-30 minutes. :) *Clap. 

During the three days trip, we have visited to some shopping center like Ipoh Parade and Aeon on the first day. For second day, we went to Lost World of  Tambum, a water paradise while on the third day, we have visited to a lot of caves. :) Sroll down to see the photos.

Random selca :) 

Captured @ Aeon. Shopping day and bought a pair of earring. :)

We passed the first day. Only shopping, shopping and still shopping. =.= Ohya ! We still went to Tong Shui Gai. More information at HERE .
On the first day, we went to bed earlier because we were so excited to the next day route.Guess where we go? ;) Yea, is Lost World of Tambum!! The entrance fee is 45MYR per person but then somebody told me that the entrance fee could be cheaper if we buy online. @,@ 

---Picture time!---
Welcome to Lost World !! Spot the tiny me. :)
Personal captured using polaroid at the entrance.
Good shot! ;)
Spa & sauna. 
Lol... I screamed like hell. >,<  But it is exciting enough.
Some random captured during the fun time. :)
Say cheese ! :) 
Love this! 
Peace. =D

Now we are going to Petting Zoo!! :D Come on!

Ruby is so so so cute! It is grabing an apple. :D
Trying to have a photo with Ruby!! But.. hmm...
Tadaa !! It is a Parrot. 
Wohoo :D Wondering why I look so stiff... :(
I don't know what had happened actually. All came suddenly!! >,< Suddenly, I walked into this Bird Farm. Suddenly, the zoo keeper asked me to open my hand. Suddenly, he put some crops into my hand and SUDDENLY my hand become like this... How shock am I..

Playing this to dry our hair. :P

Okay, Lost World's day ended. Start our LAST day at Ipoh! The venue is Sam Poh Tong and another two caves besides.
Spot on me! 
This is Trevi Fountain. Well, I tried to throw a lot of coins into the little bowl to make a wish but no one success. :( 
But then finally I threw in a coin into the bowl holding by YueLao. :):):) Hope my wish will come true. 

Lol.. Could be better if my dear is inside... ;)
I think no one do not know them right ? :) I were in the middle.
Nice scenery! 
Headed to Sam Poh Tong!!
Tried to captured the sunlight over the cave. :)
Hehe! I found this scenery. looks great right??
I like the statue!!! Teehee... currently as my Facebook profile picture. :P
The flowers~  
This is a great one! ;D
Some photos taken before we leave. Same huggy we have. :) Panda, Sheep, Monkey and Star. 

Is time to say BYE to Ipoh. :)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Community Service

Today's post is all about the community service we have done few weeks ago. Well, this can be my first time to attend community service at Penang, as well as Kedah. Before now, I have only tried to donate some old clothes to an orphanage but never tried to do some services in the institute. *shame.

This community service was done because we are having a subject, Personal Development & Leadership skills(PDL) for this third semester. First assignment is to do a community service and write a report. For sure, we found a community that willing to help us and required us to act as a tutor to teach the children. :) The venue is Salvation Army that allocated at Jalan Logan. 

On that day, we reach there on time but half of our teammates were late.  *Grr... So they have to do some cleaning at Salvation Army, as a punishment? :/ Then for us, we were tutor for them to guide them in their homework. *A fresh experience.  Of course, we have captured some photos during the community service to complete the report and our presentation as well. So, I took some photos from Facebook and give you all to  have a look! :):)
This is the signboard of Salvation Army. :) 

They look so warm. :)

Okay, this is one of the children that I am a tutor of them. He is now Form 1 and I'm teaching him Mathematics, the subjects I proficient in. :P 

This is a chinese guy who is studying Form 3 for this year. :)  He is weak in Bahasa Melayu so I gave him a lot of ejaan during the lesson.

But he is pro in drawing, see! :) 

Guiding... Teaching...look serious? :P

This is Kar Huey, my housemate. haha. Playing with the instrument and get along well with the children there.:D

 What is he doing over there?? :\ haha. looks so stress...