Friday, October 26, 2012

Community Service

Today's post is all about the community service we have done few weeks ago. Well, this can be my first time to attend community service at Penang, as well as Kedah. Before now, I have only tried to donate some old clothes to an orphanage but never tried to do some services in the institute. *shame.

This community service was done because we are having a subject, Personal Development & Leadership skills(PDL) for this third semester. First assignment is to do a community service and write a report. For sure, we found a community that willing to help us and required us to act as a tutor to teach the children. :) The venue is Salvation Army that allocated at Jalan Logan. 

On that day, we reach there on time but half of our teammates were late.  *Grr... So they have to do some cleaning at Salvation Army, as a punishment? :/ Then for us, we were tutor for them to guide them in their homework. *A fresh experience.  Of course, we have captured some photos during the community service to complete the report and our presentation as well. So, I took some photos from Facebook and give you all to  have a look! :):)
This is the signboard of Salvation Army. :) 

They look so warm. :)

Okay, this is one of the children that I am a tutor of them. He is now Form 1 and I'm teaching him Mathematics, the subjects I proficient in. :P 

This is a chinese guy who is studying Form 3 for this year. :)  He is weak in Bahasa Melayu so I gave him a lot of ejaan during the lesson.

But he is pro in drawing, see! :) 

Guiding... Teaching...look serious? :P

This is Kar Huey, my housemate. haha. Playing with the instrument and get along well with the children there.:D

 What is he doing over there?? :\ haha. looks so stress...

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