Sunday, September 23, 2012

Granny's birthday celebration.

星期六晚上,我出席了婆婆的生日晚宴,庆祝她78大寿!一般的晚宴都是8点整开始的嘛,可是当天我和哥哥却迟到了!>,< 我就是那个老鼠屎... 因为当天的我nap太久...嘻嘻。不好意思啦!
当天用老路去SP,比走highway来得近。:) 所以我们只迟了半小时!到那边的时候已经是第二道菜了~ 还好亲戚们有留一些五福临门和鱼翅给我们。:D *还有一粒小寿包!!最喜欢吃馒头和加呀了!

这是我的婆婆。看她笑容满面,一定很开心!在这个时候,我忘了准备相机,结果当场喊了:‘等下,先别切!’。全场爆笑... =.= 笑什么嘛...

这是我们小一辈的合照。最左边的是我的堂姐,她手里抱着的是我的侄女^^ 我右边的是我小姑,左边的是大伯。坐着的就是婆婆啦~ 婆婆后面有一个头歪歪不知道在做什么的就是我的笨哥哥~ ....

这是老一辈的合照。我最记得的就是白衣白发的老舅。:) 因为他常常帮我解决中学或小学需要填的资料。(虽然我不知道为什么要给他填,可是每次他填了都会盖个大大的印就行了。:/ )


他是我堂哥!小帅哥是我的侄儿~ 快点叫我‘姑姑’~ 

另一位堂哥说我是‘臭姑’,我的反应也算快了,马上回答‘我是香姑’... 结果又全场爆笑!害得他差点喷水...

Monday, September 10, 2012

-- The Puzzle of Love --

A birthday celebration I made for him :) Although it isn't a very sweet and romantic planning, but then still I hope he would like and appreciate it. Before his birthday, I almost had no time to prepare for the present...because of my laziness? If not wrong, I bought the present for him 3 days before the date!! Always do the things last minutes, can't put away this bad habit.>,<

Tadaaaa...Look nice? I  spent a lot of time in editing this.

Want to celebrate your birthday with you every year. :)

The birthday cake chose by us! Tiramisu from Bread History.

 :: L.O.V.E ::

The birthday cake with only a candle. *Not enough space for 18 candles. 

The present is bought from internet, so if everyone is interested in this puzzle photo can ask me for the information. :) *He will know the price if I write at here. hehe...

Thursday, September 6, 2012

De Beaute, La Vie

                                 95% OFF !                                

Well, today's I'm going to blog about a promotion made by La Vie De Beaute. It's a beauty center of my friend's cousin, and the promotion pack is so worth to buy. I got the voucher already and will choose an idle time to go for a relax! :) 

Here's the picture shared by the page. The instruction to get the 95% Off voucher is given below.

As above shown, the steps to get the voucher are just two. 

2nd : Wait for their reply and get your personally voucher !

A great promotion made as we can enjoy the treatment that the original price is 648MYR with only 32MYR !

*The shop is located at Tanjung Bungah, Penang. 

Do you like to have a treatment with honey? Like the page now. :)

Your Life, Your Gift.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Dare to be a Champion

I know I'm late for updating this blog post, but then I really have no time to write the stories or events about myself once they happened. My new sem is just started. Going to face a lot of assignments and assessments. I need to attend 7 classes per week !! But fortunately, I have 3 days to rest in this arrangement. Only one that I didn't satisfied with is the timetable of Jane and Jia Hui. They are separated from us, our gang. :( Hopefully they can change their group to our group on this coming Tuesday.

On the very first day of our 3rd sem, our beloved Dato Lee C.W had came to our school. So glad to have this chance and can't deny, KDU's students are very pretty lucky! On that day, we had class in the morning and we went to Auditorium to wait for him once the class dismissed and we had been late for the next class. Lecture and Dato, who's preferred? The first 20 person that registered for latest intake will get the racket with the signature of Dato Lee. For us, we were asked to take only one thing for Dato to sign. Better than none, right? :)

Can you see the crowded? All of them are journalist. :)

The autograph of Dato Lee is on my phone case! :)
Keep it nicely.

The only and the one photo of Dato and I.
Although something ridiculous had happened, but it's worth because I had the chance to talk to him.
Damn silly. >,<

Well, I think everyone has forgotten this funny thing right?

Event's date: 27th August 2012.
Venue: KDU's Auditorium.