Monday, September 3, 2012

Dare to be a Champion

I know I'm late for updating this blog post, but then I really have no time to write the stories or events about myself once they happened. My new sem is just started. Going to face a lot of assignments and assessments. I need to attend 7 classes per week !! But fortunately, I have 3 days to rest in this arrangement. Only one that I didn't satisfied with is the timetable of Jane and Jia Hui. They are separated from us, our gang. :( Hopefully they can change their group to our group on this coming Tuesday.

On the very first day of our 3rd sem, our beloved Dato Lee C.W had came to our school. So glad to have this chance and can't deny, KDU's students are very pretty lucky! On that day, we had class in the morning and we went to Auditorium to wait for him once the class dismissed and we had been late for the next class. Lecture and Dato, who's preferred? The first 20 person that registered for latest intake will get the racket with the signature of Dato Lee. For us, we were asked to take only one thing for Dato to sign. Better than none, right? :)

Can you see the crowded? All of them are journalist. :)

The autograph of Dato Lee is on my phone case! :)
Keep it nicely.

The only and the one photo of Dato and I.
Although something ridiculous had happened, but it's worth because I had the chance to talk to him.
Damn silly. >,<

Well, I think everyone has forgotten this funny thing right?

Event's date: 27th August 2012.
Venue: KDU's Auditorium.

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