Friday, August 31, 2012

Touch the mist.

A very golden chance for me to go for a trip during my sem-break. We were racking the brains on planning where to go to, and this spent my almost my half break. -.- <-- symbol used by Jia Hui, always. Finally we decided head to Genting since we didn't go there for years. Busy
Finally the day reached. We headed to Genting on 23rd night of August, and reached there on the next day's early morning. 
Glad to have this such good weather when we reached. :)

 The Geno. I have the collection of five of them! But now they were gone. \'o'/

 The view- First World Hotel.

 I want to get the balloon from clown. But he was just trying to ignore me... :( 
Haha, I think I have to accept the reality that I'm already grown up.

The game. It's waste, for me. >,<

Lol... I have phobia to walk on this drawbridge. or I'm not confident on it, so scary.

Racing car. Always want to play but we need to queue up for a long time to get our turn.
so, just give up. :(

A must snack for me when I'm at Genting. :)

 Big Dinosour at Dinosour Land. T-Rex.

Stop at here ! :) My brother is watching The Ring. Horror Movie.... :'(

Happy Hungry Ghost.

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