Thursday, August 16, 2012

Do you ever feel

The day. 
Let the photos tell you the story . 

A hotel near to the Jetty ? hmm..I don't know the name.
Ohya ! The hotel is located at Jalan Penang. *If not wrong. :/

The Birthday Queen? Looks so kiddy ! Cute ~ :D
Waiting to be served since the restaurant is full during Lunch time.
Salsas. The restaurant.

YeeTheng, the left and the KID !
Wonder your bangs grow longer or not ? haha.
Having Pumpkin soup before the main meals.

Tadaa ! Pumpkin soup with the Pineapple juice. :) 
Taste good. But seriously I don't like pumpkin. :(

Sock Sock, the left. :) 
Taken by Yeetheng.

This is my order.
For me, I prefer Harvest Inn or James Foo >,<

Owh...I forgot what is this... @,@

Ordered by Yeetheng.

This is our desserts ! 
Banana cake and Ice-cream.

We found this on the way to car park ! 
Jalan Penang. :)

The wind is too strong.>< 
You see our fowing hair ?

Baskin Robbin's cake bought by JaneLau.
Melting Melting melting...
The birthday Queen was just trying to take out the candle!!
*Don't think that we will destroy the cake. 

To an old friend that I value, 
Be tough, be strong! :) 
Although I donno what had happen to you,
but I'm still glad to be your listener, if you want to ? :)
We are friends right?
Don't too emo ya!! 

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