Monday, July 22, 2013

Memory gonna full!!

I'm gonna face my exam very very sooooooon!!
So I'm here to have a short update about my coming activities hey
 Well, I'll sit for the first exam on the day after tomorrow...
That isn't hard I think, pretty easy because all included are calculation.

Then the next week will be the others 3 subjects.
Damn the subjects all need to memorize. 
God bless me!

Okay I actually already planned where to go after exam! Heeee
So after exam I want to have a ride to find the wall arts at Penang.
Some new arts had up long time ago!
I'm gonna find them ah

Next I'll go to Sunway Lagoon with my coursemates and also my besties!
Woohoo can't wait because I love to play water! *I don't swim. :\

We planned everything!
All I need is just do well in my exam!

Wish me luck kay?  
I'll work hard tho!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

UBAH inflated bird!

That's a new viewpoints for those who come to Penang now!
Hey Penangites! Did you visit the Water Bird? :D
I did but I didn't went to there on the first day because there was too crowded to go!

Truth to be told, I didn't expect it(the water bird) is sooo small because when I saw it from the CM's FB, it was big!
So like I'm very 100% excited but once I reached there, left 60%! but still excited lah!

Know more about the Official Launched.
On the past Thursday, on the way went home after fetched Jiahui to the Jetty, Jane suddenly thought about the Ubah Water Bird and I was like ''HUH?!'' 
then immediately made a very immediate turn from right to left at the traffic light.
Actually I didn't know where is it because I can't search Promenade on Maps!
When I saw people commented on the photo then I just realized Promenade is located near to Sungai Pinang!
I bet many of you also don't know where is Promenade right? *Evil Smile
Also know as 新新关仔角.

Ubah Water Bird is now on the sea!

So, the girl that went there with me was the petite Jane. *She mentioned herself like this!

Tadaaa! Me with the Ubah Water Bird! So cute hey~

Met the sweet couple! Gary and Wan ying!

The weather seems not so good and the wind was so strongggggg!

Sitting Pose! 
Here will be the scenes that done by forced perspective. :D

Kissing the Ubah Water Bird!

Me too kissing it! :P

Okay done my part of this Ubah Water Bird! Promised Jane to update on Thursday but now only I did.
Sorry for late Jane! *Sai Ngai~~

This Ubah Water Bird will be floating on the sea until 31st of August! So be fast and please not to miss out this Ubah Water Bird!! Can contact me if you still can't find the route! Haha.

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Hey dudes! :D
I just change the design of my blog, as you can see here!
Not bad huh?! 

What made me want to change the design? 
Ehmm that's my heart asked me to do so!
I start to design in the evening and finish at night!
I thought I will decorate my blog for days? Haha

I don't have a theme for it, just insert my lovely lace for the background.
All editors I had used it for this design.
Picmonkey, Meitu, Photoscape, Photoshop(failed), datafont, paint...
Lol I'm expert! Hahahaha

I'm not so satisfied with the background because I don't like the tile background.
But my template sotsot, I can't change it to full background.

My friends said it looks better now!
Compare with the previous one!
Yeaaaaa I did it!

Do enjoy my new design blog!
Hope you all feel fresh here! 
Can I be a designer now? :D

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Outing with ♥

Yeah I just had an outing with my boys today! ♥
Well, my hometown really doesn't has many nice places to go to. 
So we went to ASM as usual. Lol... So, what to do at ASM? 
Nuh actually nothing much, maybe something much too because I love shopping more so I don't think there has enough shopssss for me to shop? 
Haha poor Mr.Ooi always been forced to accompanied me to walk around the malls. Oh now I think of why he always wants to bring me to ASM huh! *Evil smile*

Actually we went to there was to catch a movie!
Guess which? Haha
Of course is the trend-est Despicable Me 2 mah!
I'm so so so in love with the Minions!
Personally think that the second is better than the first. Who is with me? :D
The minions' part is more than the first episode too!
But he said the climax too fast to end? 
We get our tickets on student price so only RM 18 total! 
The cinema was surprisingly full seated and I met my best friend there! Yeashhh~

Hey I just realized the cinema had change to MBO which same as Taiping one.

Had a toast at Georgetown White Coffee while waiting for the time! :D

Yay he looks better when he hold the phone himself! :3

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Minion !

I bet everyone of you know what is Minion right? Quite famous recently but some of my friends asked me ''why it is so famous huh?!''... Okay so frank they didn't love toy and cutie thingy. haha

Fyi, Minion, also known as Banana or Potato perhaps is actually a character in Despicable me! Many people commented that the movie didn't so attractive if without minion and I think so too! Actually I watched the first episode and I love the movie, it is quite interesting! I don't think this is because of my childishness :\

Link for the Despicable Me ( Click in to watch! :) )

If I'm not wrong, Despicable Me 2 is now on cinema so faster go catch it! I'm going soon!

Personally felt that the marketing department from McD did a good job because they like can penetrate the teenagers' heart and follow the trend! Now every franchises in Penang are full of minion's fans. Gurney's already sold out since today's evening! Same goes to me (I'm actually a little fans! ) as I went to Queensbay with my friends to queue up for the Minion! We queue up for roughly 30 minutes, a lot of people and I saw a person carried 6 Happy Mealssssss! I only got one because the cashier told us we can't buy three together! $%^&* Fine. After that we knew Gurney's already sold out. We were too worried so we went to Greenland McD again to buy the Happy Meal to get the toy! Luckily we still got it. hahaha Maybe we were so crazy but we will still do so to get another 6 toys!

P/s : Going to meet my boy tomorrow! Miss him much! <3