Thursday, July 4, 2013

Minion !

I bet everyone of you know what is Minion right? Quite famous recently but some of my friends asked me ''why it is so famous huh?!''... Okay so frank they didn't love toy and cutie thingy. haha

Fyi, Minion, also known as Banana or Potato perhaps is actually a character in Despicable me! Many people commented that the movie didn't so attractive if without minion and I think so too! Actually I watched the first episode and I love the movie, it is quite interesting! I don't think this is because of my childishness :\

Link for the Despicable Me ( Click in to watch! :) )

If I'm not wrong, Despicable Me 2 is now on cinema so faster go catch it! I'm going soon!

Personally felt that the marketing department from McD did a good job because they like can penetrate the teenagers' heart and follow the trend! Now every franchises in Penang are full of minion's fans. Gurney's already sold out since today's evening! Same goes to me (I'm actually a little fans! ) as I went to Queensbay with my friends to queue up for the Minion! We queue up for roughly 30 minutes, a lot of people and I saw a person carried 6 Happy Mealssssss! I only got one because the cashier told us we can't buy three together! $%^&* Fine. After that we knew Gurney's already sold out. We were too worried so we went to Greenland McD again to buy the Happy Meal to get the toy! Luckily we still got it. hahaha Maybe we were so crazy but we will still do so to get another 6 toys!

P/s : Going to meet my boy tomorrow! Miss him much! <3


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