Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sick Season!

Helloooooooooooooooo!! I'm super free now because I'm sick.. Now I'm at hometown during this busy weekdays. Is a good excuse for me to ponteng since I just got a 4 days MC from doctor yesterday! Well, I'd really not wish to ponteng! Trust me! :D Recently, Malaysia was encounter the haze that quite serious because Johor there need to cancel class due to the haze! Many was sick and some of my friends were suffer because they had allergic. It was just right the season of Durian~ And I ate some but not a lot!

Okay maybe I should start from my activities from last weekend because I seriously don't know what I'm talking about! haha I came back to my hometown on Friday and I hang out with my old friends at Sunday! We went back to our primary school to meet our teachers and then went to the house of the teacher who taught me Bahasa Melayu when I'm still a kid! haha [Photo attached]

Then we went to play badminton beside my Primary School around one hour! Damn I should exercise more! After I got home, I'm just too tired and I slept without shower. (I knew I'm unhygienic, but my energy was critical low that time!) Okay I woke up and I just realized I overslept and I still need to back to Penang! I not really dare to drive at night! So once I awake I took a shower and I washed my hair.. It's like I really went to wash my hair after I opened my eyes! People always said not to shower rightly after you wake up from sleep! But I did. :(

On that Sunday night, I got fever and also muscle pain! You know how sad when no family by your side when you are sick? :( I don't know the reason why I get fever, because of the durian? the haze? I washed my hair? I slept inside air-conditioner room?? Oh but I'm able to take care of myself! I recovered on the next day and I thought this will be the ending. My muscle pain and the fever make me thought like I will face the Dengi because my legs were full of mosquitoes bites that time! I were so scare and I searched for the symptoms and when I awake at 3am, I found a bubble on my hand! I searched again for the symptoms. =.= The next day, that was Tuesday, I knew that maybe I will get Chickenpox because the bubble won't suddenly came out without reasons so I went to the clinic and I already got many pox that time! Yes, I'm suffering chickenpox itchiness and pain right now and today is the second day! I'm still fever. :( How if I have scars after I recover???? :( That's all. Thanks for the concern from friends! Love you all!

P/s : Preparing the money to buy Bio-oil right after I recover! :3

P/s : Actually I feel glad to get chickenpox at this age, at least now is better than if I just suffer when I'm old! :D

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