Friday, June 14, 2013

I'm missing again! :D

 Hello guys! I just went to a three days vacation to Genting and Kuala Lumpur! I like went there many times between this and last year so I'm like blogging about the same things! But then this time, I can blog about some special things as this was my first time to play the indoor games at Genting! No outdoor activities! The first day we departed at around 8a.m and then reached at 1p.m. My brother was a driver of the day. After left our huge luggage in the room, we went out and bought the tickets of Ghost House and Ripley's Believe it or not. The reasons why we didn't go for outdoor was the time was not enough for us since it was already afternoon when we reached there, and the weather seem not that good. By the way, the package only cost us RM39 for both tickets! Is cheap! 

I bet everyone must be thinking how horrible inside the ghost house right? hahaha. LOL I'm the one who always not dare to go inside the house! But my experience told me, just go in! That's not terrible at all! *Although I'd been scared few times. We went into the house accompanied by a gun( to shoot the worms and collect the points, just for fun to see who get higher points), and the ''ghost'' inside tried to scare us by came out from doors! We not allowed to take any pictures and of course I won't. Imagine how to hold a camera when we are in fear. hahaha

After escaped from the ghost house, we went to Ripley's where we could take as many photos as we like! Here's the pictures I took! :)

Some knowledge perhaps? hahaha

This old man looks damn real! I'd been shocked when I passed through him!

try this! :)

I'm confused! hahaha

This is the Matchstick st.basil cathedral!

these are hairs. o.O

Personally feel that this is quite scary. :\

He has two pupil.

This chair is the king's from which country which century..errr... I forgot the details.. :\

Why you didn't smile.... :(

We were saying ' aaaaaa' because this mirror called ‘笑着说啊’!

Got this big mirror to selca a group photo! :D
This guy is from Japan and he was showing his magic! 

The next day, we went to Kuala Lumpur at noon and honestly we were lost when finding the hotel that located at petaling street! Reached our hotel at 3pm and went to KLCC immediately by LRT because we were afraid to have no time to walk around! My brother and his GF went to Petrosains where I went last year. So I were just walking around with my BF at the garden.
Had a cup of tutti frutti as we reached KLCC! Original, Blueberry and Chipsmore flavor are love!

The twins tower! 

we were so nerd here. :D
This is the tokyo street at Pavilion!

The next day, we went to visit some temples located at Petaling street! We went to a Hindu temples and there was having a wedding and we met a very friendly indian who explained to us the whole wedding process. 

The sweet given by the family! 

The brides.

We the moved to One Utama to have a look! We hunted for foods so I were damn full as we ate a lot of foodssssss!!

This caramel flavor taste good!!!! I like it!!

And this is cheese flavour!
The chicken pie!!

The drumstick was so tasty!!! :O nomnomnom

yummy!! but Marshall's is a bit saucy and this doesn't has sauce inside.

The packing was so cute! :D

These three days' schedule. Quite simple but we had a very full! 
I'm now back to my study life! Tons of assignment are waiting for me!:D 

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