Saturday, June 1, 2013

Tang Yuan @ Penang.

Is a dessert post again after I ended my mid-term this past Friday! Bless me for the results, I really put a hard work on them. :( I don't know why, i seriously feel so nervous during this mid-term, although it is only mid-term! I burn the midnight oil every nights until the latest was 3 a.m. Crazy me..

By the way, I take 5 subjects this semester and the hardest that I think are Human Resource Management and Business Law! All need to spent my memory... PDL 2 won't include in Final but we need to attend a one-day-camp at Relau which stands 50% overall. (Means we will fail the subject if we are absent. :\) After the exam, I'm damn free now! So, tomorrow is time to hang out with my sweetie  who always free to be call up! Like '' eh, tmr wan to go out boh? '' '' wan~ wan~ (excited smile)''... hahahaha We plan to go to the Dessert house, quite craving for their ice because searched a lot of good feedback of the ices!

A long irrelevant words! Actually I want to share with you all a place for you when you feel like wanna to eat Tang Yuan. [The shop-团团圆圆汤圆屋 is at Geargetown, Penang.I tried to find the exact location and it is located at Lorong Susu. Besides Macalister Road, the right side lorong before UMNO from Red Rock Hotel.] The place is hard to reach since  I almost sesak in that area when I were finding the shop. LOL. The shop open from 11:30am till 10pm and close on Wednesday! 

There sell a lot of types of Tang Yuan with different fillings! So far, I only tasted Kaya filling and peanut filling. Until the day I had the chance to try mango, chocalate, and cheese fillings!! I felt it is unique because I don't know the fillings can be so many choices to choose!

The menu! Super love the knot! Besides selling the Tang Yuan, they sell main course too! So no worry if you scare the Tang Yuan can't full your stomach! 

All the Tang Yuan make after order. So they need time and you too to enjoy the fresh-made Tang Yuan!
Seriously I love their decoration very much!! So creative and so chinese. Only a corner look messy that is the TV there.

They sell some special-designed mirrors and clocks too! I didn't notice their price so... can't give any information haha

Here come our orders ! 

Maggie me with egg and ham and also the two bears! 

I ordered this! ermm.. called Black glutinous rice! Google translate and get this translation! The middle is a scoop of ice-cream! Vanilla perhaps? The combination was so mouthwatering! My Tang yuan were no filling!

This is Sock sock's. If not wrong, this is recommended on the menu!  Tang Yuan with mango. Very tasty and can be recommended!! Listed as my favourite !! their filling were mango!

This is the normal Tang Yuan ordered by Jiahui! Quite sugary but the Tang Yuan weren't! The Tang Yuan were mixed and you can choose the 4/5 fillings out of 14/15/18 fillings! Sorry for my worse memory...
My face like still sleeping and being force to wake up! hahahah

Each photo of us! I'm the middle one in case if you don't know me! hahahaha
[ Right: Sock Sock  Left: JiaHui ]

Before we leave, the aunty asked us whether we want to buy the wall stickers, so if you need wall stickers, go there! haha

I spent two and half hours to write this post! OMG o.O

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