Monday, December 30, 2013

Last Day of 2013

HI people! Today's the last day of 2013, it's New Year Eve! So this gonna be the last post of 2013? Bye readers! I'll blog again next year! :DD Okay since today is the last day, let's me sum up my resolutions that I stated at the beginning of the year! 

#1 Beautiful Long Hair! ---------- (✔)

I have a head of log hair now but I never get enough lol
See if my hair can still grow longer, it would be perfect!
So i dyed my hair three times this year! Going to take good care on it so It can grows healthier!

#2 Travel Abroad  ---------- (✔)

Yea I got to travel abroad this year! To Singapore with my family and visited Universal Studio!
Hope next year I can travel to others cities!

#3 Job ---------- (✔)
I worked as a part time typist at Unisys when I was studying! 
So, achieved!!

#4 Graduate ---------- (✔)
Tadaaaaaaa I'm graduated!!! Just received my last result and I'm quite satisfied! 
Study hard for my degree then! :DD

#5 Weight ---------- ()
Okay My weight still remain the same =.= 
No comment on this :(

Friday, December 13, 2013

The two years.

Hellooooo! Yesterday was the most relaxing day throughout the two years! I just done my last paper yesterday and I left the hall earlier, roughly an hour after the exam started. Previous night before the last paper, I have no motivation to study. All the motivation goes to the planning after yesterday and how I going to plan my holidays. Are we same in this situation, when tomorrow is the last exam?

So when I was more getting into the holidays' mood, I keep remind myself to put more and more effort! 付出比别人多一倍的努力,就会有两倍的收获. That's how I motivate myself. I can either enjoy the pressure (I always get worse in this..), or I will prefer sweet come after sweat. I did both lol..

I am now counted as graduate from Diploma. Words can't described the feeling! It's like during the two years, you were carrying few heavy stones, when the exams passed, you can actually released the stones but when every semester started, the stones getting more and more. At last, the burden was really heavy. Now I was like throw away all the stones! Okay so when I wrote till here, I think of I have to carry something else heavier when I proceed to Degree. =.=

Yesterday after exam, the plan went well and I managed to buy my mom a belated birthday present! It's a Chanel lipstick as she wants a lipstick as present. I heard some people said their lipsticks quite nice to use? When I tried, I felt okay also and the colour very nice. The most important is the price is not that high! 

So I will leaving Penang soon. The place I spent more than two years, the foods the people the college the staffs the malls the memories. Ohh I gonna be extremely reluctant to leave here. :( 

Can't accept we are going to separate soon! :(

Kingston photobomb

I do enjoy my diploma life here. Thanks again to somebody who appeared in my life.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Desserts Lovers, Hands UP!

Hey there, since I abandoned my blog for months so, I'm here purposely to make a short update, just to keep it alive. Let's tell you readers about my recent life kay? :D I'm now having my final exam, it's final, final for my whole Diploma. Stress out. *Still left 3 papers, until 13rd and then I'll be free!* 2013 going to end and I really hope the time pass faster because 2013 seems like not a good year for me. I met a lot of people with different personalities and they taught me how to be tough and who worth to be kind and care. Here's a little encouragement for myself, I will walk through all of these and yes, I'm growing up. 

My college is having an event called Shoes Box, is a charity event for people to get a presents and wrap them inside boxes(stated with the gender and ages) and then put around the big Christmas Tree at the foyer. The presents will be send for old folks and orphan. Sounds so meaningful right? Like we are the Santa of them. Yea I am still thinking of what to present, I got an idea for kids but I got no idea for old folks. Neeed help!!!

Don't forget why I'm here! I want to share with you a desserts house in Penang. A very pinkish, purplish and girlish desserts house! Guess where? Just take a look at their interior design. :)))

I bet you will like the environment because I like it so so so much! Their decorations are perfect, I hope my room looks like this too, especially the wallpaper OMG in love!!! 

So it is Victoria Sweet PastryVantage Desiran which is a new shop lots located beside Tesco Tanjung Tokong. 

Operate Hours : 12p.m. to 11p.m. (Tuesday Closed)
Address : -G-9 Vantage Desiran Tanjung, Jalan Tanjung Tokong, 10470 Tanjong Tokong, Pulau Pinang

Their staffs were so friendly and I saw a lot of positive comments on their services and foods too! 
The price range is about RM7.90 to RM 17.90.

Actually we went there straight after lunch, the stomach was still full so my friend and I shared a pot of tea and a french toast!! I personally don't like tea so I think I can't give any comment on their tea haha BUT BUT BUT I have to say that their french toast is nice! Very unique and the taste is good!

I was like a silly girl who start taking picture from the moment I stepped into the shop. :3

She was enjoying her tea after months of struggling with the mountain of courseworks!

So here you go the most recommended BLACK FOREST FRENCH TOAST!!
Allow me to mention again, it is sooo soooo sooooooo tasty... 
Can I have it now? 
Can? Pleaseeee you with puppy eyes...

Smell the chocolaty!!

One more take from upper angle!

One more one more!! Closer look!!

One more !! Last one kay... The french toast with me!

Hahahaha. So please! Go to have a try, you will love it!

Till then!!! 
Gonna prepare for my Ielts test so buh-byeeeeeeeeee! Hope you enjoy reading this :)  ♥♥♥