Friday, December 13, 2013

The two years.

Hellooooo! Yesterday was the most relaxing day throughout the two years! I just done my last paper yesterday and I left the hall earlier, roughly an hour after the exam started. Previous night before the last paper, I have no motivation to study. All the motivation goes to the planning after yesterday and how I going to plan my holidays. Are we same in this situation, when tomorrow is the last exam?

So when I was more getting into the holidays' mood, I keep remind myself to put more and more effort! 付出比别人多一倍的努力,就会有两倍的收获. That's how I motivate myself. I can either enjoy the pressure (I always get worse in this..), or I will prefer sweet come after sweat. I did both lol..

I am now counted as graduate from Diploma. Words can't described the feeling! It's like during the two years, you were carrying few heavy stones, when the exams passed, you can actually released the stones but when every semester started, the stones getting more and more. At last, the burden was really heavy. Now I was like throw away all the stones! Okay so when I wrote till here, I think of I have to carry something else heavier when I proceed to Degree. =.=

Yesterday after exam, the plan went well and I managed to buy my mom a belated birthday present! It's a Chanel lipstick as she wants a lipstick as present. I heard some people said their lipsticks quite nice to use? When I tried, I felt okay also and the colour very nice. The most important is the price is not that high! 

So I will leaving Penang soon. The place I spent more than two years, the foods the people the college the staffs the malls the memories. Ohh I gonna be extremely reluctant to leave here. :( 

Can't accept we are going to separate soon! :(

Kingston photobomb

I do enjoy my diploma life here. Thanks again to somebody who appeared in my life.

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