Monday, December 30, 2013

Last Day of 2013

HI people! Today's the last day of 2013, it's New Year Eve! So this gonna be the last post of 2013? Bye readers! I'll blog again next year! :DD Okay since today is the last day, let's me sum up my resolutions that I stated at the beginning of the year! 

#1 Beautiful Long Hair! ---------- (✔)

I have a head of log hair now but I never get enough lol
See if my hair can still grow longer, it would be perfect!
So i dyed my hair three times this year! Going to take good care on it so It can grows healthier!

#2 Travel Abroad  ---------- (✔)

Yea I got to travel abroad this year! To Singapore with my family and visited Universal Studio!
Hope next year I can travel to others cities!

#3 Job ---------- (✔)
I worked as a part time typist at Unisys when I was studying! 
So, achieved!!

#4 Graduate ---------- (✔)
Tadaaaaaaa I'm graduated!!! Just received my last result and I'm quite satisfied! 
Study hard for my degree then! :DD

#5 Weight ---------- ()
Okay My weight still remain the same =.= 
No comment on this :(

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