Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The lady!

Okay I'm here to make a short update specially for this girl who just celebrated her 20th birthday with ME!!!
So me and Meg planned a surprise celebration for her since 3rd of January but all done very rush on 7th(exact date)
So TODAY I woke up 10 minutes before 12pm! (macam very proud HAHA)
Got to ready to buy cake and balloons and go to her house to give her a surprise!
While Meg will reach her house first and meet with me!

I actually asked her sister whether she will stay at home today, she said yes to her sister.
I don't know why, I tried to ask her again in our whatapps group... (primeline sixth sense LOL)
She gave us a boom that she will follows her mom to go where where where
Hate you :3 Spoil our plan..

But still we managed to give her a little little surprise! (Is it a surprise? :\ )
Kamshahamida to Meg who turned those things around!

So I bought a Tiramisu from Kek Sayang for her~ (I chose my favourite cake :D)
Actually I eat every cakes as long as it is cake! LOL again
The Tiramisu!
The birthday girl! She turned 20th !!!!!! 

A picture of me and the old lady HAHA
I'm wearing an oversize sweater=.=
Extremely oversize...

So afterwards we went to Sushi King since she craving for it for a VERY VERY long time!
Me very kelian... everytime she jio me to eat sushi but I'm not a fans of sushi LOL
But I'm learning haha I just dislike salmon :3

Here our photos again!! But mine first! WAHAHA
Can you see my purple hair?? 

Eating my favourite prawn hehe
 Don't let me got your phone people! =.=
I like to selca=.=
Full full then take picture before we leave!

So we gave her a very simple celebration, and I hope she really surprised =,=
If not I will very sad :3
Happy Birthday!!!
 Want to know what you wished just now hahhahaha
What I wish is you will be happy always and stay healthy!!
Love ya!

Till then~~~ Ended this post with our silly faces!! 

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