Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2013 2014

Yea I know I might be too late recapping my 2013, but don't worry, this would not be a wordy post! So let's begin with the Christmas Eve. After I came back from Penang, I never thought that I will have a gathering or this kind of celebration. It sounds pitiful but luckily I got to joined my friends for their Christmas countdown BBQ night! It was fun! Met a lot of friends who came back from their campuses and the night was definitely full of laughter! j   

After the Christmas Eve, here comes the New Year Eve! I didn't take any photos for the night, I don't know why too! That's not me! I spent the night at Crossover with the friends! I played the dart but seems like I got no talent in it! Haha. So I stopped to prevent the glass break. After the crossover, I got the second round to chit chat with my very old friends who I know them for more than 10 years!


For 2014, the most happening so far was my best friend's birthday celebration! Nothing much than that but I think I will have more things to blog after this because all buddies are coming back! :)

So here to make a very brief New Year resolutions for myself! ( to make this post looks longer. :P)
Last year, I achieved 4 out of the 5 ! They are quite easy to achieve and I don't even know whether they are considered as resolutions. I'm not understand the meaning yet maybe. :( But still, at least I get myself some goals to work for it!! You should too! :) 

y1. Be independent. 
I always feel myself is independent enough because I can actually make all the decisions myself, getting all my things done myself and live myself when there are no parent around. Although I'm saying this, but this is not that true because I will rely on my friends in case they are more able to lead me. This year, I'm going to somewhere farer (still not sure yet), so I hope myself can get used to the place, the people and the feeling.

y2. Have a vacation with family and boyfriend, each.
I'm not sure whether I can achieve this or not but just hoping we will have time to make it. My family got the shop to operate and me and boyfriend have our studies too. There's a will, there's a way right? So me and boyfriend promised each other to start saving money for our trip! 

y3. Learn a kind of music instrument! 
I always wanting to learn a music instruments but I never did it. In 2014, I want to learn guitar(quite hard, huh?) but it seems getting harder and harder because I'm going to a very unfamiliar place for me.

y4. Make myself a to-do-list and a journal.
I don't think I can make them daily but I'm sure that I will do it as much as I can! LOL The to-do-list is to remind me what I have to do so that I won't miss up anything. I have a mind like a sieve, you know! A journal is for me to remember what I've done. Memories are important!

y5. Love myself
What a lame resolution! HAHAHA I always love myself as I always reward myself! Just do whatever you want when you are young! #YOLO Apart from this, I need to take care of my eating habits especially during the week. Ummm... Lady's, we can't eat cold, can't eat spicy, can't wash hair and a lot. I have to stick with the rules! 

I think here's enough for me! Let's think about your resolutions! Cheers!A

Good night people!j

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The lady!

Okay I'm here to make a short update specially for this girl who just celebrated her 20th birthday with ME!!!
So me and Meg planned a surprise celebration for her since 3rd of January but all done very rush on 7th(exact date)
So TODAY I woke up 10 minutes before 12pm! (macam very proud HAHA)
Got to ready to buy cake and balloons and go to her house to give her a surprise!
While Meg will reach her house first and meet with me!

I actually asked her sister whether she will stay at home today, she said yes to her sister.
I don't know why, I tried to ask her again in our whatapps group... (primeline sixth sense LOL)
She gave us a boom that she will follows her mom to go where where where
Hate you :3 Spoil our plan..

But still we managed to give her a little little surprise! (Is it a surprise? :\ )
Kamshahamida to Meg who turned those things around!

So I bought a Tiramisu from Kek Sayang for her~ (I chose my favourite cake :D)
Actually I eat every cakes as long as it is cake! LOL again
The Tiramisu!
The birthday girl! She turned 20th !!!!!! 

A picture of me and the old lady HAHA
I'm wearing an oversize sweater=.=
Extremely oversize...

So afterwards we went to Sushi King since she craving for it for a VERY VERY long time!
Me very kelian... everytime she jio me to eat sushi but I'm not a fans of sushi LOL
But I'm learning haha I just dislike salmon :3

Here our photos again!! But mine first! WAHAHA
Can you see my purple hair?? 

Eating my favourite prawn hehe
 Don't let me got your phone people! =.=
I like to selca=.=
Full full then take picture before we leave!

So we gave her a very simple celebration, and I hope she really surprised =,=
If not I will very sad :3
Happy Birthday!!!
 Want to know what you wished just now hahhahaha
What I wish is you will be happy always and stay healthy!!
Love ya!

Till then~~~ Ended this post with our silly faces!!