Saturday, May 21, 2016

Twice a year _ BFF

I'm back to here after few months like finally.
Finally there's something worth to share with you guys.
I kept this draft for months and finally I published it.

The most precious BFF :-

As I was not able to travel to Singapore to meet her because of the fluctuations of currencies
So she made her time to come over before the end of year 2015.
Not a long trip tho.
Just a 2 days 1 night outing.
But spending the last few days of 2015 with my BFF really made my year more memorable!❤️

We planned the hunting route one or two months before December'15.
I did the ''homework'' to welcome her
and we did rent a car as well to make our cafe hunting journey much more convenient.

Zara Car Rental 
H/P : 017-6090127
The car rental service that I dealt with.
Viva : RM 110/day for daily use.
Just wanna share with you guys because I found them quite trust-able.
But but, you can find a cheaper car rental btw.
The cheapest can be around RM80/day if i'm not mistaken.

The map that I did for our cafes hunting. 
The locations may not be 100% correct but at least nearby lah kayyy 😂
We were not able to hunt all of them
Too many cafes growing in KL
And all of them seem nice!

So the first stop was coffee stain by Joseph at publika. 
By the time she reached, it was already around 9 or 10pm.
Luckily the kitchen is still opening.
So she took her late dinner here and I ordered the famous "floating bear" or cat or whatever it is.
The bear was sho sho cute but now I digested it 😏

Then we checked in our hotel.
A big thank you for my boyfriend to find us such comfortable hotel! 
FYI, It's Arenaa Hotel.

We took lots of photos before we recharge ourselves! 

We started to hunt for cafes on the next morning.
First stop was VCR cafe.
Heard their breakfast set is good so we went for a try and it didn't disappoint us!

Then we went to Lepaq Lepaq cafe
Which is one of the trendiest cafe in town.
What make them popular are their Nasi Lemak cheese cake and the rainy day coffee.
The cake was special, though it was too odd for my liking. 
You can taste a little bit of spicy, some taste of coconut milk and the taste of ikan =.=

and the next was Palladium cafe aka Glass House
we went there merely for nice photos since we were full with all the foods we had just now.
Posing even the sun was bright.

Seeing everyone posting their pictures of this cafe especially LucaseeLau!
This cafe's rating in Foursquare is damn high dude! 
So we went for a try!
Ordered the soufflé and surprisingly it was so so good! It was freshly baked and the smell of the egg and vanilla was way too nice.
The ambiance is good too which decorated by wooden furniture and I bet this would be the favorite place for a "white-person"!

This is the cafe which she insisted to go!
Hello Kitty cafe in Sunway Pyramid.
To be honest, it is overrated and the desserts are overpriced.
Not recommended but the pinkish decorations really do melt girls' heart.
Especially for a Hello Kitty fans.

We were so hungry at that moment.
So lucky that we were going to have the main course in our next stop !
--Second Sunday--
The main course so called Number Five.
Recommended in almost every comments I found in Foursquare.
Indeed, it is good! And I'll definitely back to it again!

And the last one was P.S.Tokyo
#pstokyo in Instagram and you can have your photos printed out.
their ice cream is yummy but it melted too fast :(

That's all and I do looking forward for our next date. 
The BFF that I still loving.

Till Next. xx