Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I just realized that today is not a normal day,it's so special,absolutely.Photobucket

How long can we just reach 29.02. 4 years.Not a short period.

And in the last post,I mentioned that 29.02 was just a normal day,I think I'm wrong.

At 12.30am, as I wrote in the last post ,u sent a msg to 107.6 FM .

Ya,when the DJ read out your msg , it's ady 29.02 .
Thanks for gave me a good beginning on that day.Photobucket
4 years , I hope it will be my turn to show my love for you then. And I suppose,sure we can walk through the years until the end of life.


Out for dinner again, this time we went to Siam Express-Gurney Plaza.Photobucket
Their foods were so delicious ,especially the desserts.Ice-Cream-my favorite .
After that, I bought our movie tickets,for tomorrow.Couple Seat ,I think I can see the translation under the screen ,hopefully.
Waiting for you ,and worry about you at the same time.Photobucket

This is your 1st time to drive from Alor Setar to Penang , alone .

107.6 FM

Dear, Thank you very much , for always giving me an unexpected surprise.Photobucket

Today, 29.02.2012,just a normal day. U asked me to listen to the radio. I hv no idea ,cuz i seldom do it.

And you told me that you will send a message to them.Is it real??Photobucket

This is the 1st time I'm so concentrate on listening to the radio,I wait and wait . And pay more attention when each song was going to finish ,cuz DJ will read out the message after a song.

And now,I'm busy with my assignment printing , and sending the link to my group member.Photobucket 

Luckily,I have a nice , good brother,or best as well .Photobucket He help me to print out the assignment , and teached me abt the microsoft 2011...Nw ady 12 something,he still needs to work 2moro .

PhotobucketHe is Sleeping,and I'm concentrating on the radio.

Finally, I heard ur message .Photobucket It's too touch ,and this is the 1st time that my name had been mentioned through the radio. 

Dear, you say we're in a long-distanced relationship.But I don't agree.Bcuz I felt that our heart is nearer than we can expect.Photobucket

Love YouPhotobucket

Sunday, February 26, 2012


PhotobucketPhotobucketI'm waiting for my lovely hair to grow longer...ya,eagerly...

It's great temperament long that i need to wait ....

PhotobucketPhotobucketMaybe 1 year ?? or half a year is already enough ?? hmmm....Photobucket

I want to tie my hair , any styles~ 
I want to dye my hair , hopefully ... 
I want to perm my hair curly , if I've that heart to take care of it ~

PhotobucketPhotobucketWaiting , waiting ,and waiting....

PS: Dear my hair
      Can you please grow faster a little bit ?? Photobucket

Friday, February 24, 2012

Journée mémorable


A day i looking for roughly a month , I think you do too.Finally you're back.Packing your bag and ready to meet me when the weekend come.

I brought the present home,this is our 1st anniversary,and valentine's day tooPhotobucket

It's already 2pm when i reached alor setar (it's considered early because as usual , i'll only reached in the evening.),and then you came. After ate the cakes i bought from Secret Recipe,we went to ASM to wacth a movie-Fist Of  Dragon . That movie was not so interesting ,for me. But still considered ok lar~ Photobucket

Laksa - Hua Tuo Guan

Here's the presents i gv to you - A photo album & heart-shaped music box

This is a piggybank that u gift me , look cute. Photobucket

Thanks Dear. For giving me a wonderful  life. And,thanks to my mummy.For giving me a full of motherly love life. Photobucket

PS : A short post/update, stay tuned. Photobucket