Wednesday, February 29, 2012

107.6 FM

Dear, Thank you very much , for always giving me an unexpected surprise.Photobucket

Today, 29.02.2012,just a normal day. U asked me to listen to the radio. I hv no idea ,cuz i seldom do it.

And you told me that you will send a message to them.Is it real??Photobucket

This is the 1st time I'm so concentrate on listening to the radio,I wait and wait . And pay more attention when each song was going to finish ,cuz DJ will read out the message after a song.

And now,I'm busy with my assignment printing , and sending the link to my group member.Photobucket 

Luckily,I have a nice , good brother,or best as well .Photobucket He help me to print out the assignment , and teached me abt the microsoft 2011...Nw ady 12 something,he still needs to work 2moro .

PhotobucketHe is Sleeping,and I'm concentrating on the radio.

Finally, I heard ur message .Photobucket It's too touch ,and this is the 1st time that my name had been mentioned through the radio. 

Dear, you say we're in a long-distanced relationship.But I don't agree.Bcuz I felt that our heart is nearer than we can expect.Photobucket

Love YouPhotobucket

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