Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I just realized that today is not a normal day,it's so special,absolutely.Photobucket

How long can we just reach 29.02. 4 years.Not a short period.

And in the last post,I mentioned that 29.02 was just a normal day,I think I'm wrong.

At 12.30am, as I wrote in the last post ,u sent a msg to 107.6 FM .

Ya,when the DJ read out your msg , it's ady 29.02 .
Thanks for gave me a good beginning on that day.Photobucket
4 years , I hope it will be my turn to show my love for you then. And I suppose,sure we can walk through the years until the end of life.


Out for dinner again, this time we went to Siam Express-Gurney Plaza.Photobucket
Their foods were so delicious ,especially the desserts.Ice-Cream-my favorite .
After that, I bought our movie tickets,for tomorrow.Couple Seat ,I think I can see the translation under the screen ,hopefully.
Waiting for you ,and worry about you at the same time.Photobucket

This is your 1st time to drive from Alor Setar to Penang , alone .

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