Friday, February 14, 2014

Pie Harbour @ Gurney Paragon

Back to my blogging life!!

From the last post,
I mentioned about a cafe that I visited together with my cousin.
It was Pie Harbour.
Located at the 4th floor of Gurney Paragon.

Since my cousin and I was finding a cosy place to start chatting
I suggested this Pie Harbour 
because I saw a page introducing their signature cheesecake in jar through Instagram
So we went to have a try
I love cheesecake
I like cakes.
As long as it is a cake.

But then when we reached there
I didn't order my cheesecake which brought me there
but I ordered their sandwich.
They looked more attractive than the cakes HAHA
Then we sat down and start our topicsssss
Spend few hours at there.
We sat at the sofa area
very comfortable
Made me don't feel like leaving there LOL

I took few pictures for me to blog that day.

Pretty hor?

My Ham & Cheese sandwich

Egg sandwich 

Outdoor seats

I like their breads so muchhhhh !!! sweet mia!!!! 

I love their sandwiched very muchhh!!
Because their breads taste sweet miaaaa!!
and their portion quite large also.
sandwiches yummy!
Next time will go again to try their cheesecake!


Students, if you are finding a place to do your assignment with your groupmates
can consider this place leh
my place, sofa area got 2 plugs for one table leh
then you bring two extensions
then should be enough for a group already

I just cincai blog about it one
don't mind lah hor

Monday, February 10, 2014

Chinese New Year '14 mashed up.

Hello readers! 
The time flies so damn fast as now is the eleventh day of the Chinese New Year.
Since I have some golden time (LOL!) now,
I want to blog about those previous days start from 9 days ago.
9 DAYS. Omg it seems to be so hard for me to recall back what had happened.

MILLIONS thanks to the pictures that can help me to complete this blogpost!
Or more appropriate to be a diary. 
This is a public diary for everyone to know me well.
And I used to own a little diary but ended up leaving lots blank pages! 
I'm not an orderly person. *Ashamed...

So let's start from Chu Er, the second day of CNY.
That day was a very boring day.
Not that bored too because I got my cousin fooling with me.
I love her. I love how we can talk a lot after a long time we didn't meet each other.
I can tell her everything that I can't simply tell other.
Never awkward never end topics. 

You know what's the feeling?

We captured some selfies before and after we had our lunch.

Silly act. Keep asking my another little cousin to take my pictures. HAHAHA
I tried to curl my hair that day.
It looked like a lady who didn't wash her hair then the hair stick together.
I was so upset x 1 after Darren complained about it.
Need some practices but if I curl my hair more often,
it will gets damage. LOL
My hair's condition is already too dry. 
It needs Vitamin.
I'm working on it.

 Random selfie.

Bonus LOL
Buy 1 free 1. Hmmm no! Read 1 free 1.

I stayed there for only 5 hours, maybe lesser.
No gambling.
A very boring day. The weather was so hot.
It made the day more boring.

On the forth day,
 I went to Kek Lok Si temple together with my father and Darren who came back from Beijing.
He is now back to Beijing after this long holidays.
There was so crowded during CNY.
Many travelers.  They must be attracted by the famous Kek Lok Si.
Especially the night view of Kek Lok Si, magnificent.

A selfie cause by the boredom when heading to Penang.

The curl straightened. It looked even uglier.
How I wish I curl it like I'm a professional hair stylist.
Feeling upset x 2. LOL

I checked back my conversation, found that I went to a gathering.
I'm not so forgetful okay? I know I gathered with them.
I just can't remember which day.
 We gambled until midnight.
Here's the picturess.

Photobomb-ing =.=

Poor skill lah weyyyyyy ah yang :3

Again LOLLLLLLL Ignore my hair. There was something holding my hair. I don't know what was that.
Ghost Maybe.
Feeling scary?

 Then continue with the fifth day.
I went to Penang again. 
Seems like Alor Setar and Penang is so near as I can went there to and forth two days continuous.
Driving is tiring. Trust me.

I love driving too before. But now I'm hating it.
Not sure if I will love it again after a long period I don't drive.

There is a main reason that make me so aggressive to drive to Penang.
I wanted to meet my beloved best friend there. 
She will backs to Singapore on the next morning.
We had a gathering at Jane's house that night.
I dated my cousin to sing K together at Redbox at the afternoon.
She is good in singing. She sings very well.
We had our high tea after that at Gurney Paragon.
Will blog about it in the next post.

During the night.

Sock nee with me. 
Her dip dyed is so pretty! Love the purple colour.
Her birthday is coming soon.
So I bought her a present. I hope she likes it. 
I have no chance to celebrate her birthday with her.
I have lesser chance to celebrate my birthday with her though.
Still hoping she will accompanies me every year but it seems like too hard for us to make it.
Feeling upset x 3 x 4 x 5...

Sock Nee said this was Big Head pose. 大头Pose.

From my angle, I was kissing her hahahha 

CNY has passed.
Everyone is going back o their life.
Their routines as students, as workers.

I hope we can meet up soon. I will miss you all.
Next year CNY please come faster. ♥♥

This post made me upset LOL
I can't be so emotional!

By the way, I had commented on my favourite blogger, Daphne's blog.
My first time commenting on her post.
I'm too exciting. HAHAHA

I love how she blogs about her thoughts.
So mature thinking.
I always fail to describe my feeling.
She did it very well.
Everytime I read her blog, her words made me feel like:
So, read her blog now!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Chinese New Year '14 初一

Kick来了  就决定用华文写完这篇应该会很长的新年post!

看了运程说属狗的朋友们今年财运不错!就这样,我上‘数学课’ 的时候也有收获!



之后再McD聊天聊到~~~~~ 好像是我们合伙开的。=.=
如果没有你们,我一定不敢这样紫做!真的~ 哈哈哈
谢谢大家愿意出席这次的聚会!呵呵 很开心可以见到你们!
(虽然说有几位已经见到很sien了。 哈哈哈)

这里少了沛柔 哈哈哈






但至少我不会词穷~~ :P