Friday, February 14, 2014

Pie Harbour @ Gurney Paragon

Back to my blogging life!!

From the last post,
I mentioned about a cafe that I visited together with my cousin.
It was Pie Harbour.
Located at the 4th floor of Gurney Paragon.

Since my cousin and I was finding a cosy place to start chatting
I suggested this Pie Harbour 
because I saw a page introducing their signature cheesecake in jar through Instagram
So we went to have a try
I love cheesecake
I like cakes.
As long as it is a cake.

But then when we reached there
I didn't order my cheesecake which brought me there
but I ordered their sandwich.
They looked more attractive than the cakes HAHA
Then we sat down and start our topicsssss
Spend few hours at there.
We sat at the sofa area
very comfortable
Made me don't feel like leaving there LOL

I took few pictures for me to blog that day.

Pretty hor?

My Ham & Cheese sandwich

Egg sandwich 

Outdoor seats

I like their breads so muchhhhh !!! sweet mia!!!! 

I love their sandwiched very muchhh!!
Because their breads taste sweet miaaaa!!
and their portion quite large also.
sandwiches yummy!
Next time will go again to try their cheesecake!


Students, if you are finding a place to do your assignment with your groupmates
can consider this place leh
my place, sofa area got 2 plugs for one table leh
then you bring two extensions
then should be enough for a group already

I just cincai blog about it one
don't mind lah hor

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