Monday, June 17, 2013

Camp Rock !! ♛

Group Photo before we start! All of us look energetic! 
Yesterday, I attended a camp which organized by LifeEquip.
This actually is a compulsory camp for us to take part because it stands 50% of our PDL 2.
I were quite excited to take part but when I knew who my teammates are, I were nearly to give up. :\
The camp purposely is to teach us become a good leader and guide us to work as a team.
So I try to accept the reality and finally we got along very well! :D I no longer biased against him!

Before I forgot to tell, our camp was located at Metropolitan Park, Relau. 
Is a beautiful place where is so protected! ✿
We went to Jane's house and depart from there with own car because the destination is near to her house!

When we reached there, the first thing we did was got our group and I were in the ORANGE group, PURPLE team! The second was took the group photo before we start the camp!
As usual, the camp started from ice-breaking session. We were the team which only had 7 members between the four teams.
We named ourselves Purplish, easy to name and in other way was lazy to name! hahaha
The first white team had the BEST team name and my team got the BEST slogan! ✌

After the ice-breaking session, we played a game. 
The game was like the members of team lined up, the question given was arrange according to the ages in ascending order. And we had to lined up into the correct sequence as fast as possible!

After that was Blindfold. The game was so interesting though I almost lost my sound when I were a commander! ♥
The game was the commanders had to guide the partners who blinded by shouting 'left' or 'right' to pass the obstacles and reach the final line without touching any of the obstacles!
This was hard because all commanders were shouting at their partners and the partners can't recognized the voices of their commanders. And, the situation on that time was really super noisy!! 

The game pause to test their patient and all of us had to be silent and I took this photo immediately! :D
This pretty girl was my partner! :D She is Eunice! [Left]
Next, we changed to another part of the park to continue our station game!The game was a Helium Stick.
I hate this game truly! haahaha Because this game was too tiring!
Each team would get a long-joined straw! 
We tried from 7 people to lift the straw down by not moving our fingers off the straw!
The magic happened because the straw will going up itself!
This actually was to train our focusing!

Finished this, we asked to fill the form as the feedback of this whole camp's activities!
I like the blindfold the most and I like the Helium Stick the least! ✔

After that, came the last game which compete with all teams of all groups.
Fyi, we had 4 groups with 4 teams each.
The game was about the wheel. 
We were provided the newspapers and tape to form a wheel which can fit 7 people inside.
The members had to roll the wheel by standing inside without broken then newspaper.
We got a good result in this as we were the first to complete the race! 

My team! 

To make the wheel like this!

Then, roll like this!

Cleaning process. :D The orange guy was my member who name Wan. :D

This too. He was throwing away the unused papers. He is Lee.

Showed our name tags while break time!

Lastly! the team photo I took as a memory!
[ Flik - Lee - Chetvinder - Myself - Wan - Eunice - Thivya]

We ended the camp with a very tired and sweated body! Sleepy facebook meme
After we took a big group photo, we went home and some of my friends were suffering of the itchiness of mosquitoes bites.  

P/s : I'm not sure if I lost some points or games here. ;D

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