Saturday, July 20, 2013

UBAH inflated bird!

That's a new viewpoints for those who come to Penang now!
Hey Penangites! Did you visit the Water Bird? :D
I did but I didn't went to there on the first day because there was too crowded to go!

Truth to be told, I didn't expect it(the water bird) is sooo small because when I saw it from the CM's FB, it was big!
So like I'm very 100% excited but once I reached there, left 60%! but still excited lah!

Know more about the Official Launched.
On the past Thursday, on the way went home after fetched Jiahui to the Jetty, Jane suddenly thought about the Ubah Water Bird and I was like ''HUH?!'' 
then immediately made a very immediate turn from right to left at the traffic light.
Actually I didn't know where is it because I can't search Promenade on Maps!
When I saw people commented on the photo then I just realized Promenade is located near to Sungai Pinang!
I bet many of you also don't know where is Promenade right? *Evil Smile
Also know as 新新关仔角.

Ubah Water Bird is now on the sea!

So, the girl that went there with me was the petite Jane. *She mentioned herself like this!

Tadaaa! Me with the Ubah Water Bird! So cute hey~

Met the sweet couple! Gary and Wan ying!

The weather seems not so good and the wind was so strongggggg!

Sitting Pose! 
Here will be the scenes that done by forced perspective. :D

Kissing the Ubah Water Bird!

Me too kissing it! :P

Okay done my part of this Ubah Water Bird! Promised Jane to update on Thursday but now only I did.
Sorry for late Jane! *Sai Ngai~~

This Ubah Water Bird will be floating on the sea until 31st of August! So be fast and please not to miss out this Ubah Water Bird!! Can contact me if you still can't find the route! Haha.

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