Saturday, July 13, 2013


Hey dudes! :D
I just change the design of my blog, as you can see here!
Not bad huh?! 

What made me want to change the design? 
Ehmm that's my heart asked me to do so!
I start to design in the evening and finish at night!
I thought I will decorate my blog for days? Haha

I don't have a theme for it, just insert my lovely lace for the background.
All editors I had used it for this design.
Picmonkey, Meitu, Photoscape, Photoshop(failed), datafont, paint...
Lol I'm expert! Hahahaha

I'm not so satisfied with the background because I don't like the tile background.
But my template sotsot, I can't change it to full background.

My friends said it looks better now!
Compare with the previous one!
Yeaaaaa I did it!

Do enjoy my new design blog!
Hope you all feel fresh here! 
Can I be a designer now? :D

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