Saturday, August 18, 2012


Lol I found some pictures in my album just now, when I'm searching for the photos of my Hus and I. *For creating some surprises for him, maybe?

Those pictures are about my secondary life, they helped me to complete and embellish my folioS. Haha. Are good helper. ;) By the way, they can make me happy when I'm in a unpleasant mood. *Don't know why. Some of them are drew by myself, and some are collected from my friends. Until now, I'm still keeping them inside my drawer. I really like the cute things, just like those cartoons. Cute right ?! And I'm good in drawing this kind of things. >o< *Bored.
Tadaa ! img81/6042/th016rw1.gif The collection.
Hmmm...I think maybe there are 30++ pieces.Hehe...

The biggest boxer, I can still remember I found it on Amway's leaflet.
I felt that it is cute so I drew it on this paper. >o<

Here's the cartoons that have my own kiddy signature.
Of cause now, the signature is not like this,haha. *Much nicer ! 
Some of them on these papers are drew by myself.
Is that call copyright ? =.=

Heee... This bear was drew by me when SPM.
Of cuz this is the graph that I used to make the calculationss.
Upside there still shows my angka giliran and the subject ongoing.
Lol this shows that I'm so free that time to draw the bear during SPM ! 
also shows that I finished those questions very very quickly.

Transliteration of my chinese name.
Haha. Given by myself since primary school ! ;)
Love this number so much ! 

This piggy doesn't related to my secondary life. :D
I drew it recently, one months ago, maybe? 
Cute tak ?? ^o^

 <--- click this !

He is a magician ! *With a sparkler that can change a people heart for loving someone. *
*same as cupid? Lol...

A pair of piggy couple. :)

Ahah! This is a mouse ! * look alike? :(
Innocent eyes ! Haha ! 
That's Jia Hui's hand.

A random post, since that I suddenly found the pictures for me to blog ! 

Is a peaceful night right now, is time for me to bed ! So sleepy ...*Blink.

Goodnight my friends!
and same to blog passers :)
Sweet dream.

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