Monday, September 10, 2012

-- The Puzzle of Love --

A birthday celebration I made for him :) Although it isn't a very sweet and romantic planning, but then still I hope he would like and appreciate it. Before his birthday, I almost had no time to prepare for the present...because of my laziness? If not wrong, I bought the present for him 3 days before the date!! Always do the things last minutes, can't put away this bad habit.>,<

Tadaaaa...Look nice? I  spent a lot of time in editing this.

Want to celebrate your birthday with you every year. :)

The birthday cake chose by us! Tiramisu from Bread History.

 :: L.O.V.E ::

The birthday cake with only a candle. *Not enough space for 18 candles. 

The present is bought from internet, so if everyone is interested in this puzzle photo can ask me for the information. :) *He will know the price if I write at here. hehe...

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