Sunday, October 28, 2012

Let's watch Sinister

Okay, today I'm actually not in the mood to blog but I'm so so so so so boring staying in the house!! *Sing a song,Cindy in da house. :) All my housemates left me alone.. feel a little bit scary because I just watched Sinister @ Gurney Plaza last night. Prefer Golden Screen Cinema because the sofa is more comfortable than TGV. *Personal opinion okay? Well, Sinister is a SUPERNATURAL HORROR movie. Wondering why the director or the writer can make such horror story! :\ So can I say I'm brave because I'm volunteered to watch the movie and forced my friends to watch too? *Clap. To be honest, I'm interested in watching horror movies, reading horror stories and some more searching for the pictures about that MOMO. *momo is ghost meant. But after I watched, heard and read as well, I do feel scare but what to do...I...I like it. :) Fortunately I didn't have any nightmare or insomnia during the night. *Fingers cross. 
Get the trailer. :) 

How about the trailer? Sounds scary, right? Lol...this is a fact!! >,< One of my friends told me Sinister isn't scarier than The Possession. But then I think I had been bluff because I closed my eyes with my jacket when the background music getting more bass. Look cute perhaps? :D Really really scary and terrible!! So can recommend to people who like to watch those horror movies!! Included you? :) 

So I'm not going to blog more about the plots of the movie since I'm not a good story-teller. :( Haha I'm good in self-knowledge. :P So if you watched the trailer and found interesting and attracting, buy the ticket and go watch NOW.  But for those who not dare to watch this kind of movie, please do not force yourself to go in. Because it is very berry scary. haha :D *You could see that I'm trying to frighten you. :P 

In the movie, the momos keep shhhh-ing. It already become the black shadow of my mind. So when u saw me, please don't shhhh me. If you want me to keep quiet, just tell me okay?? TQ... :3 

Well, this scene really scared me... T_T If not wrong, this appeared only at the front of the entire movie. :\

Okay, faster end my update! Getting scarier if I keep writing. Lol...Buhbye my followers. :) Stay tuned for my next post ya! 

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