Monday, November 12, 2012

Pooh and Piglet

I really had a good time with buddies today!! Idk how to express my feeling and what i can say is, I am very berry excited to have a gathering (*I supposed.) with you all since we meet no time for a long period. :) Maybe I should thanks to the Deepavali festival that can let you and I to have a free time. :3 

The places we went on today is Fresh and ASMall. Why we chose Fresh?? Errr...Is to pig out!!*Actually is suggested by Li Ming hahax. The food is okie okie only...own taste,maybe? Different people have different taste right? hehex. But then I extremely like their drinks!! Thumbs Up. After lunch, we headed to ASMall to singK @ E-box. Quite not used to their remote control because the BOXs at Penang are all using touch screen. Felt weird when we touched the screen and it totally can't moves and we can just keep on pressing the numbers 1-7. Grrr... Then then then, the only boy, Shian Wei got 4 flats in his exam!! What are you made from?? What are the kind you are?? You are not a normal human...Oppss... :( So, gonna study hard to cure myself feeling of guilts... 

I didn't have a picture with the two SW, except Li Ming. Hehex. Steal these photos from LiMing's FB.
Photo: #SingK #dearest #bestfriend #sampatpo #nice #happyday #mynoobface
A bit blur because it is too dark inside the room. Sorry that I'm lazy to increase the brightness and so the contrast haha.

Photo: #Smile #yogurt #bestfriend #happy #holiday #instaphoto #instamood #instaday 
Both of us had ownself a cup of yogurt. Favourite!!

So I think we only spent our time on these, that's all. Going back and I thought I will have dinner with my family but ends up with staying alone at home. :( Ohya, do you curious about the title 'Pooh and Piglet'? Hehex. This is because this post is about friendship, Pooh and Piglet are best friends and their friendship are last long. So I sincerely hope ours too. :) Don't get goosebumps hahax.

A Final Pic. :)

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