Friday, November 30, 2012


--3 Ms--
I'm in a mess right now!! Omg, why I say so is because I'll have my final exam on next week. 1,2,3...Only 5 days left. Lol for sure I still not yet started any revision except Business Math that I'm having a little bit confidence. *wink. Actually I'd planned to study today! But then I think most of you know what had happened today right? Yea..That's MAMA awards that held @ HK. So the plan called off. Heee~

Actually, I'm not a fan of K-Pop like JiaHui, but still I like their songs and I'm their songs' fan. So I watched this online@ youtube live. Switch to HD to have a clearer version.xD  I have to say that I'm not interested at the front of the show but then I act like very excited when I told JH about this until I'm really excited that I'm watching MAMA !! =.=" After that, I have to help out in my mom's shop so I missed the middle part. Want to watch Girls Generation's performance but I'm lazy to search. *Laziness.  Anyway, SNSD can be considered as my favorite K-group because I get influenced by brother. 

Well, I know a lot of them too. G-Dragon, BigBang, Girls Generation, T-ara, EXO, F(x), and Super Junior!!! LeeTeok, the captain but so bad he was not there!! =( Sexy, Free & Single I'm ready too Bingo! Mad.

Awww I had watched the two newest movies in November. They are Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part II and Rise of the Guardians. *I'm not sure that are they the newest in November.


I like both of them because of their happy endings. But then my lecturer said Twilight isn't nice because they are fake, with a pale face and how a vampire can born a BABY!! :OOO  Okay, but I still love the story line especially the foresee of Alice. Definitely a trick! That part make me tension you know...=.= All the Cullens family died. And when I know that that was only a foresee, I'm just like...Chewwwwww.. :\ The end, Jacob falling in love with Renesmee!! What a shock...

And then the latter make me longing for the Christmas. >,< The Santa Claus, the Elf, the Jack Frost, the tooth fairy, the Bunny and Sandy!!

The Sandy. He can't talk and so he is very cute!! What is in his mind he will just pop out on his head. Maybe a question-mark or maybe an arrow. =D
Lol these elfs look cute right? =D Ring Ring Ring when they were running or shaking by others! *You will know what I mean if you watched this. ^^Hmm..

Oppsss, faster end the topic as now already 0106. Can't go to bed too late or else my skin's condition will get worst. =) 
Good night!! Those guardians will give you a sweet dream! :) Do you believe them?? 

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