Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Side, The Shoots

Well, this was an unexpected photo-shoot day as we were going to Starbucks@Straits Quay to complete our assignment. Why I feel so free to photo-shoot is I'm completed my part!! The weather on that day was pretty good. The sky was blue and the sea was sparkling!!*Likes diamonds were floating on the sea. What a nice scenery. Soooo, the photo-shooting section began.

Captured by SockSock. We took the hat from Weiyi's car and it became the stuff in our photo-shooting.

Lalalala. ;)

Christmas decoration @ Straits Quay. One month to go!! Lesser I think. =) 

Lol Weiyi keep complaining about us because both of us act like Lesbian. Hahahaa :D 

 I like this because we look natural. 

Random selca with the hat. --Dreamlike effect--

Iono why the effect will sharpen this picture.. :\

Lower the curtain.

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